WordPress Made Easy

WordPress Made Easy

WordPress Made Easy! How Easy is it?

What is WordPress? WordPress is the “back end”, so to speak, of your blog website, which I will cover in detail in “WordPress Made Easy”. Depending on what hosting service you are using this may vary a little but most are fairly straight forward in getting started with WordPress. Some hosting services only offer their own site builder tool but most have the option to “Install WordPress”.


First Step

Login to your hosting account and find the WordPress install option, most will be a simple click and WordPress is installed in seconds.

Second Step


You will have to login to your “adminstrative access” to WordPress. Generally you will be required to do this each time you work on wordpress loginyour website. Once you are inside you can set up additional users so others can access the WordPress dashboard, as well. More on that later.

Once you are logged in you will be on the “dashboard” of WordPress where you will find access to everything you need to design your website, build your site content and publish your website. I find the easy way to get to my WordPress login screen is to bookmark the login page but you can get to it by adding “/wp-admin” to the end of your website URL. Example: http://mywebsite.com/wp-admin

If you would like to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, which I recommend, this login is automated for you with state of the art SiteRubix platform for building a website fast and easy. As well as I whole slew of additional benefits. (See: My Review Here)

WordPress Dashboard

This is where you will “work on your blog or website”,  and choose the aprearance you want from the “Themes” offered. Again this may vary depending on your hosting service but all services will offer some selection of themes. If you are reading this you probably have some idea or ideas of what type of blog or website you want to build but you may get some inspiration from the available themes.

You will be using the dashboard to create pages and posts, menus and more. This is where you will build a “media library” of photos and/or videos, install plugins to improve a particualar functionality of your website. You will have access to tools and settings, as well.

Don’t worry we are going to break it all down in easy to understand, bite size, chunks. I strongly suggest not changes anything in you dashboard until you gone through this entire tutorial at least once.



wordpress themesAs you can see in the image the dashboard controls are in a menu listed down the left side of the screen. If you look closely you can see that I am building this page in WordPress, the image is a cropped screenshot as I write this. Themes are found under “Appearance” along with some other thing we will get to later.

Simply hover over the apprearance option and you will see the expanded options, the first of which is “Themes”. Click on themes and you will be taken to the installed themes section of of the dashboard. Typically there will be a few options already installed and you can browse through additional themes by clicking  the “Add New” button at the top left.

When trying to choose a theme don’t worry so much about colors are images because generally you will be able to adjust that stuff later. I pick the theme I want to used based on the structure of the theme.

For instance the main menu, the header, side bar or no side bar. When choosing your theme you will be able to see a preview of the theme, if the theme is already installed you can see an actual “live preview” of your site. Say you have been working on your site and already have some content build or you decide at some point to change your theme. You will be able to see what your actually site looks like before you activate the theme.

Pages vs. Post

Pages are static (they stay the same) and they are, by default, listed in the main menu of your website. (WordPress calls this the “Primary Menu” but you can change the name.) Posts are to a blog  and a blog by definition is a webpage where the post are in order with the most recent post at the top of the page. WordPress default is set for your website home page to be a blog. Again that can be adjusted to show a static page as your home page if that is what you want. You can create, what is called a “sticky post” which will stay at the top of the blog and the remain post will show in order below that.

To create a new page or post you will find the pages and posts option in the same left side menu shown above. When you click to go to pages or posts you will see any pages or posts already created and you will also find the “add new” button in the same place as you did in themes. In the future you can always go to pages and posts and edit anything that has been created previously.

Basic Structure

My recommendation is that you build out the basic structure of your site first and then start adding the content to want to share with your readers. What do I mean by that? I suggest that you have at least a few basic pages, such as, an “about me” page and a “privacy policy” page to start. In addition, I would say you should have 2 or 3 pages that are basic themes of your content, broader ideas that you will then create several writings about.

This will take some thought and possibly some research for ideas. You can just click add new and choose a title and then publish the blank page. You can always change the title later if you want to but this will allow you to see what the menu looks like on your website.

You take a look at your progress as you go by going up to the tool bar at top left. Right next the “Home” icon you will see youe website name and when you hover over it you will see a drop down that says visit site.Visit your site

If you have been working on the site, building structure with basic pages or writing content as pages or posts remember to click the “publish button” on the right first. If you have published previously and then gone back to edit the button will show “update”.

It is my sincere hope that this is helping you with your endeador to build a blog or website using WordPress. In case you are not aware the parent page to this one is Websites Made Easy which may have some additional information that will aid you in acheiving your goals.

If you are getting what you need out of this, by all means, continue reading. At this time I am still working to create additional education tools and add pages to this site. If you think additional training with video tutorials, support and more at no cost to sign up, is something you what to check out please click through.

If on the other hand you just want to create a blog you can simply follow these steps to this point. Create a post and click “publish” and you will have a blog, live on the web. If you are interested in building a succesful blog or website and building a business around it you should “Opt In” at the bottom and receive email notifactions of future posts and pages here on Online Business Tips and Tricks. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on this turtorial and I would be happy to entertain any questions you may have. Your questions and suggestions may help some else and that is what OBTT is all about.

If you decide to take advantage of the FREE SiteRubix site builder mentioned earlier or the Free Video Training, please enjoy. I am proud to say I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and you can find me inside for additional coaching and support at My Profile.

I’ve been kicking around the web for a while, so I completely understand skepticism, espscially when in comes to online business. Believe me I hate the that there are so many scams a rip offs online, it has tainted the entire industry. See what actual members are saying about Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading, hope you come back. Remember to “Opt In” at the bottom of the page and please do me a favor and share this with friends.

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