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Woodworking Plans

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This is absolutely the best value in woodworking plans anywhere in the world!

Yes, this is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about in this particular blog but what I have come to understand over the years is that what builds success online is telling people about things you have a real passion for. Woodworking and easy to follow workworking plans are for sure things I am passionate about.

Anyone that knows me knows I have always been a creative sort and I have always loved building things. I have been working on a major project for over a year now, which I’ll share more about later but I wanted to tell you about this amazing value I came across recently.

If you have read any of the DYI books and magazines published on woodworking or on projects you have probably heard of Ted McGrath, he is internationally know for his woodworking. Ted has dared to step out and to buck the system with this fantastic offer. You see, the BIG BOYS all want to make money off of our passions, they hold out on us for a payday before giving anything away.

ted mcgrathThe magazines and the big company offer high dollar plans that are incomplete, hard to follow and sometimes even wrong. If you are like me and have a passion but don’t have a big budget you are going to be grateful for Ted putting this out there for us. Ted has put together some truly amazing plans that anyone can follow and has made a value offer that simply cannot be beat anywhere.

If you have every spent your hard earned money on a set of plans from a woodworking magazine or DYI website other than Ted’s you probably know what I mean. Even if you got some plans that you were happy with, the sheer number of plans in the value packed offer is almost overwhelming.

If you want to know more about my boat project stick around, if you are ready to roll and want to hear more about the offer from Ted’s Woodworking simply Click Here!

I do have a pretty big project underway, the biggest project I’ve tried to tackle to date. Not neccessarily the large physical building project but the BIGGEST job, all things considered. About a year and a half ago I decided that I should be making an effort to take my boys fishing, but I always had to rely on someone else for the boat. I decide I needed for us to have a boat of our own. We deserve some good father and son time, away from the video games and internet and all the other stuff kids are into now.

I went online and got approved for a $12,000 loan from Bass Pro and there is an authorized dealer less than ten minutes from the house. It was all set, ready to go fishing with the kids. I went down to the dealer and started looking at some boats trying to decide which way I wanted to go.

Later that evening I got an idea to look for boat plans online and build my own boat!

If you know me, you know that was all it took to throw the whole buying a new boat idea out the window. I lovea challenge when it comes to this sort of thing and I wanted to prove to myself I could build a boat with some pretty basic tools and supplies form a local DYI store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot. So off I went.

These are a couple of the pictures I took of my progress on this project.

image image

I realize these are not the greatest pictures but I still wanted to share. I will make a promise to post again when we get it in water.

The plan for the project was a downloadable plan I got from Spira International. If you have no knowledge of building boats it is a bit tricky but I have to say that the designer, Jeff Spira, was extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I had along the way.

Now back to Ted McGrath! – What have you decided?

Of course, it is completely up to you, where your passion for woodworking goes from here and I would love to hear about your projects, as well. Feel free to use the comment section below to let us know how you are coming along or simply share your thoughts. I personally feel like the value from Ted is as good as it gets but if you know of a great value and would like to share it, let us know that, too.

I just can’t image that there are any other offers anywhere that can top this. These are good, detailed, easy to follow plans and the projects result in some truly beautiful woodwork. Ted tells you exactly what to buy, saving you money on not having to over buy or have lots of waste. The diagrams are cuts are all laid out for you, with no skipped steps like some of the plans I have purchased myself.

I really look forward to seeing some of the stuff you are going to build. As mentioned earlier, this is a little different from what I usually write about here in this blog but I had to share it. Now that I have written this I am thinking about writing another blog based on this kind of thing and just moving this post over there. Before I wrap this up take a look at what types of plans are available.

And that’s not even the whole list but you get the idea. The link I placed above goes to Ted’s video describing what you get for the low plan list 2price of $67 and you have to listen to most of the sales pitch that tells you how it’s priced at $297 but a special offer for you is not $197… not even $97 but ONLY $67.

This product represents Ted’s life work, over 36 years of building and documenting and putting plans together in a presentable format for us to follow easily, for us to enjoy! The Woodworking Plans included have been appreciated by many and here’s what of few of them have to say.

plan testimony


This package also comes with access to bonuses!

Such as:

  • DWG & CAD Plan Viewer ($197 Value)
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos ($77 Value)
  • How To Start A Woodworking Business ($27 Value)
  • Complete Woodworking Guides ($39 Value)

I hope you found what you were looking for today or at a minimum found some information that makes your decision making a bit easier. If you are interested in making money online you can Opt In to the mailing list below and stay in touch. If you aren’t intersted in that sort on thing it’s cool, don’t bother signing up because that’s what the communications are about.

If you are ready to see the video and the sales page for Ted’s Woodworking you can find it by following this link, it’s worth watching, afterall, that’s where I first saw the value. Just Click Here!

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