What to Expect in 2016

What to Expect in 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what to expect in 2016?

I think we would all agree that knowing exactly what to expect in 2016 for our businesses, from our competition, from Social Media, would be huge for us. OBTT -Your Trusted Source on the Web, is keeping a close eye on things and bring you up to date information as soon as possible.


I, of course, benefit from knowing these things and keeping up to minute on what’s happening, but sharing it with my readership is a priority for me. Nobody can tell us exactly what will happen, heck if I could do that I’d have someone writing this for me while I chilled with the wife and kids.

In the following article Pam likens that to having a crystal ball, well I’ve often wished I had one but have managed to do alright without it so far. Look for the link at the bottom to the actual podcast.

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Top 12 Social Media, Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2016 [Podcast]

It is every marketer and business leaders dream to have crystal ball that can predict the future. Imagine having the 2016 calenderknowledge to know exactly where to invest your time, resource and budget to bring the maximum return in all facets of product, service, digital, social and content marketing.

Unfortunately the chances of any of us finding that digital marketing nirvana crystal ball are slim to zero.

However, the fun part is we can predict what we believe can happen. We can base these predictions on data, experience and our gut feeling. Smart marketers know their audience and know how to selectively choose the right social and digital platforms, content channels, communication mediums to inspire their customers to connect with them.

They know how to tap into the power of earned, owned and paid media to drive more than clicks, and to build community and grow brand awareness. They know how to invest in influencer marketing relationships, not just influencers who will tweet for them for a single one night show.

So what will happen in 2016 in the world of digital and social marketing? The good news is even though I can’t deliver you a magical digital marketing crystal ball, I can offer you my predictions based on experience working with brands ranging from well funded startups and entrepreneurs to Fortune 10 brands.

Check out the 192nd episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 12 Digital Marketing and Social Media Predictions for 2016. Included in the episode is strategic insight, direction, and recommendations on tactics for brands to embrace the new year and business planning with the knowledge needed to drive success and measurable results in 2016 and beyond.I

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn:
The 12 Types of Viral Marketing
Top 12 social media and digital marketing predictions for 2016.

Video will obviously be big. Okay, huge in 2016. Learn how brands can be ready.

Why video will be both more raw and more formal in 2016.

The importance of working with earned, paid and owned media.

Why many brands will take influencer marketing more serious in 2016.Content marketing will get even noisier. Are you ready?

The winning brands who break through the noise will do so because of an integrated strategy, knowing their audience and selecting the right tactics and platform.

Embracing the pay to play media model on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Why Facebook will continue to rein.Why I think the jury is still out for Snapchat in 2016.

Communities will continue to be more formalized. I also predicted this in 2014. Brands are still learning in this area.

Visual marketing will continue to be big but quality, inspiration and emotional branding will rein in 2016.

User experience is your brand. Brands must embrace designing the best user experience for their audience, readers, listeners, community and customers in 2016.

Mobile first has been a requirement for several years. Some brands are still learning this.

Why omnichannel marketing is a requirement, not an option for many retail and other brands.

Source: Top 12 Social Media, Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2016 [Podcast]


I found some additional insights today published on Forbes that are worth reading. I find it very interesting to consider different points of view, take in as much as possible and then do what feels right for me. I am sure that some of my readers probably still use autoposter programs or platforms, and I am not knocking that.

As you will see the article below, it’s #2 on the list of things to STOP doing and it is backed by a certain logic. As I said, “I try to learn as much as I can and then take what works for me. I am passionate about getting the information out to as many people as possible but also embrass the individuality of each reader.

5 Things You Should Stop Doing In Social Media Marketing By 2016

This article was co-authored with Devon Gardner, Social Media Director at IMI. You can follow her at @msdevonvictoria.

Over the past several years, social media has established itself as a core marketing practice, earning a place at the table with other digital marketing and public relations strategies.

Many of today’s social media managers have years of experience navigating these channels and their unique best practices, and should be moving away from the ineffective social media habits listed below.

If they are still happening in your organization, make a New Year’s resolution to remove them and start adopting better practices.Look for the follow up post this week, “5 Things You Must Include In Your Social Media Marketing in 2016” for inspiration on what you should be doing next year.

The five things you should no longer be doing in social media marketing in 2016 are:

1 – Not Tracking Your Links

Everyone wants to know the value of social media marketing. One of the best ways to measure its worth is knowing which social media posts are bringing the highest volume of (and most qualified) traffic to your website.

Brands are still frequently posting untracked or shortened links back to their website, therefore only measuring how many visitors came from each social media channel or how many clicks each link received.

Tracking your links with something like Google Analytics’ URL Builder will allow you to see how much traffic came from each post you shared and the quality of that traffic with metrics such as bounce rate, average session duration and average pages viewed per session.

This will allow you to better analyze the success of individual social media posts, which can then be used to create better future content. It takes a bit more time, but if measuring and improving your social media efforts is important to your company, this should be too.

2 – Auto-Posting from Facebook to Twitter

We hate to admit that we still see this these days. With tools such as Buffer, HootSuite, Sprout Social and several others that allow easy sharing across multiple social channels this should no longer be happening.

First, it’s not an ideal experience for your audiences as they generally differ slightly per channel, requiring modified messaging. Second, the formats of the social channels themselves have different requirements and best practices in terms of posts.

Facebook posts that are auto-shared to Twitter are often cut off and missing images, presenting an unpolished and unprofessional appearance to your followers.

3 – Not Using Correct Image Specifications or Optimizing Open Graph Tags

Ever seen a Facebook post that just looks plain ugly or spammy? That is what happens when brands are lackadaisical about creating images without the proper specs or optimizing the Open Graph tags on their website. Visuals are becoming increasingly important for social media success, as seen by the emergence and growth of visually-oriented social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. According to a study done by MIT, brains can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds, which is much faster than text.

4 – Talking At Your Customers, Not With Them

Believing that social media is like “free advertising” and a place where you can push out your messaging is a myth to be dispelled in 2016. Stop posting only about your brand, and start using social media for what it was intended: communication between humans. Imagine if you went to a holiday party this year and only talked about yourself and your “selling points.” Unless you’re Justin Bieber, chances are people will leave your conversation within a matter of minutes. Now imagine if you engaged in the conversation by asking people about themselves, making them look or sound great, and providing interesting value to the conversation? Apply those same concepts to your social media marketing plan in 2016. Ask your audience questions, reply to their comments, and proactively engage with people on channels like Twitter and Instagram who have similar interests as your brand in a genuine manner. You’ll see your engagement, sentiment and audience grow.

5 – Depending Solely on Organic Reach

Sadly, not all of your brand’s social media messages will get seen by your followers or other relevant audiences without putting some advertising dollars behind them. This is particularly important on Facebook, where brands see little reach without promoting their posts. If you spend all that time creating the post, it is worth putting a little spend behind it to make sure it’s actually seen. In 2016, set aside a budget particularly for social media advertising to help your posts get the impact they deserve.

Source: 5 Things You Should Stop Doing In Social Media Marketing By 2016 – Forbes


As we head into the Christmas Season and soon into the New Year 2016 I hope that this has aided you in your efforts and I look forward to bringing you more helpful updates. The coming year is going to be a big one for “OBTT – Your Trusted Source on the Web” and it is our wish for you and your business, as well.

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