What is Fizzle

What is Fizzle

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What is Fizzle? Are you trying to find some facts?

Name: Fizzle

URL: https://fizzle.co

Onwers: Chase Reeves, Colbert Barr, Caleb Wojcik

Type: Internet Marketing Training

Pricing: FREE 2 Week Trial (Credit Card at sign up for $35/month after trial)

OBTT Overall Rating: 95 of 100

2 Weeks FreeAs you will hear, if you stick with me, Fizzle is not my #1 Recommendation for the type of product it is, but my first impression was a good one. I will lay out all the facts and show you exactly what I discovered on my quest to answer my question, “What is Fizzle?”

Then wrap up with a short note on my top three rankings for training in the area of Internet Marketing or starting an online business.

When you go to the front page of Fizzle you are greeted, nicely, by an introduction video with the 3 co-founders of the business. In the video they begin to answer the questions we are generally looking to answer. What is Fizzle? What does Fizzle do? What can Fizzle do for me?

I’m sure what it costs is important to most of you and that is usually one of the first questions I try to answer, for myself, when I am searching for a training product. However, more important than the pricing, is the overall value of the product.

If you took a trip to the Fizzle site to try to answer some questions for yourself you would find that below the video window on the first page there is a “Call to Action” inviting or suggesting the you sign up for a two week FREE Trial! (you really don’t have to go I am going to give it all to you right here)

What you don’t see, right away, is that in order to do that you have to give them a credit card number that will be billed at the end of the paymentstwo week trial and monthly thereafter unless you cancel.

Obviously, Fizzle is not the only membership program or training course that does this but I should tell you that my #1 recommendation, DOES NOT! There you get a FREE sign up, that is actually FREE!

The Fizzle site is well designed and very functional, the video quality and playback is great. There is a nice relaxed flow with a bit of humor in the videos that makes them comfortable to watch.

I don’t know about you but the first thing I look for when I start a video is to see how long it is. The videos are short and to the point in the introduction and the initial tour guide series, once you join.

Corbett BarrI addition to meeting the co-founders in the introduction video there are a few things you can browse before you have to decide if you want to sign up.

I did not see anything pressing me for a quick upgrade or additional charges or up-sell products, once I did sign up.

I got a very welcome feeling!

I like that the guys are talking to the camera and you see who you are listening to. Many training videos are more of a presentation or screen capture type video and therefore less personal.

I mentioned the injection of some humor earlier and I most say that the videos I have viewed, kind of, give you the feeling you are Chase Reeveshanging out with friends.

Pictured above, Corbett Barr is a successful entrepreneur that has been in the business for over ten years and does some of the training himself.

This guy Chase Reeves is the creative director at Fizzle and seems to be a fun loving kind of guy and maybe even a bit of a “wild man”.

He is funny!

I was also introduced to Caleb who is another co-founder but I don’t know much about him just yet. He was not in the videos I watched once I got in but I can see that he is invovled in the training videos.caleb wojcik

There is another guy in the initial training videos who started out where you and I are now, he was looking for a place to learn and grow a dream so he signed up and became a “Fizzler”. That how they refer to people in the Fizzle community.

Barret Brooks, the guy I refer to, is now the head of marketing at Fizzle and is also invovled in the initial “Fizzle Guided Tour” training. I am not sure how much of the other training he does, if any.

Once you decide you want in you are immediately taken to this  “Fizzle Guided Tour” with Colbert, Chase and Barret. it’s pretty


cool because they show you around a bit and at the same time give you a sampling of how everything works.

At the end of each video lesson, which they keep short, you click the green button and the systems tracks your progress.

This is how it works as you move through the training at Fizzle, you click the button to say you finished and that saves to you profile. You can view a road map of where you are in the training at any time.

In the “Fizzle Guided Tour” you are introduced to the basic structure of what is offered at Fizzle.

In a nutshell, Chase gives you a simple structure out line and 3 rules to follow as you build your business and knowledge base at Fizzle.


inside fizzle-minYou have full access to the training library and the forums. I have never been a huge fan of communicating through forums, especially is you have a specific need.

Most of us are used to the instant griatification world we live so the idea of posting a question and waiting around to see if it got anyone’s attention is not my preference.

The nice thing is you can browse and search the forums and there is a good chance that what you are looking for has already been shared.

I have actually posted to the forums today, as I write this review, so I can tell you whether or not there is any engagement from the community and how long that takes.

OK… it’s been an hour… and nothing…

I, personally perfer community interaction on my time frame. I like the forum but I also like to interact freely. We are all so used to being able to interact whenever it works for us, waiting is uncomfortable to us.

I know not every web community can have a “LIVE CHAT” 24/7 but my #1 recommendation does.fizzle 3 rules-min

Here is the way I see it…

Most of us will still be holding down a full time job or going to school or some other prior commitment. We will begin this process of trying to make something better for ourselves and usually make a commitment or plan.

That plan probably commits a certain amount of time, per day or per week and if you get stuck and have to wait for you next time to WORK on this, it can really hinder your progress.

As for the 3 rules… bravo…

They are straight to the point, easy to understand and they give them to you right up front.

I am a member of several groups on social media that are related to my different niches. The crazy thing is that everyone there is just trying to share their offer, they just want you to read about what they are trying to sell.

I also used to be part of several link share groups where you get tons of messages from people advertising something similar to what you are trying to promote. Most of the time the people you are reaching aren’t even interested in what you are trying to promote.

Sure, you will occassionally come across someone that actually reads your ad or follows your link. I guess my point is, this is not a place where your audience would be hanging out waiting for you to sell them something, anyway. That’s not what this is for and certainly not what community means to me.

A look at Fizzle on the inside!

Here is a look at the site and what you will have access to if you did decide to sign up for Fizzle and become a Fizzler.

The Dashboard shows the stages of the training program and displays your progress as you go.


dashboardThe icons you see on the dashboard going from left to right break the training content into 9 different stages.

  • Direction
  • Connection
  • Planning
  • Setup
  • Audience
  • Product
  • Money
  • Growth
  • Scale

As you complete training stages the icons will change colors to indicate where you are in the training. Below the stage icons there is up to date information the latest podcasts and article and the next scheduled Fizzle Friday, as well as, hot forum conversations.

Across the top of the dashboard there are links to take you to the “Roadmap”, “Forum” “Courses” and “Blog”. The yellow icon in the top right corner will display your current training status when you hover over it and you can get to your profile and account informtion from your picture.

Here is a quick look at the “Roadmap” inside Fizzle.

roadmap 1

As you can see the “Roadmap” is made up of the same 9 stages that appear on the dashboard but they are organized in 3 phases. The first phase is made up of stages 1 to 4 which is everything up to the building of you website.





roadmap 2

The second phase is made up of stages 5, 6 and 7 and is what Chase refers to as the survival stage. Your business is up and running but you are still in survival mode.





In the 3rd phase you move beyond survival mode with stages 8 and 9, which are Growth and Scale.roadmap 3



The Fizzle forum is well laid out and easy to understand the navigation. The right sidebar is updated with recent activity.

You can search the forums for something specific and there are several categories within the forum to facilitate finding what you are looking for and help you post in the right place.

As I mentioned earlier, I posted a question to the forum as I am writing this review. It has now been 2 hours and still nothing.

To my point earlier, this would slow my progress if I was actually waiting for someone to respond so I could finish something I was working on.


fizzle forums-min



The “Courses” link takes you to the training library where you can access the courses offered by FizzleIt appears to me that there are 30 course which contain somewhere between 8 and 20 lessons.

The lesson videos are around 10 minutes long and although they are laid out in a specific order, you have access to all of the lessons in a course and you can watch them in the order of your choosing.

As a matter of fact, in the “Fizzle Guided Tour”, toward the end, Chase tells you about the two most popular courses and explains that if you are new to the business watch this one and if you have some experience under you belt already watch the other.

Here is a screen shot with example of what a course and the lessons look like in the training library.

The list of courses include:

  • Essential of Website Design for Business Builders
    • 16 lessons
  • Connect with Anyone (Scott Dismore)
    • 18 lessons
  • Hosting Videos Online – Service Comparison
    • 8 lessons
  • Advanced Podcasting
    • 8 lessons
  • Build Your Email List – The First 10K Subscribers
    • 22 lessons

Just to name a few…

There is another rather unique section of the training called the Founder’s Stories where the founders of Fizzle do one on one interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

They share their stories of success and the founders are able to ask probing questions on different aspects of building a business that may be valuable information for Fizzlers.

The interviews are about an hour long. All total there are currently 25 interviews you can access which is about 25 hours of addition video coursestraining that is more like a a backstage sneak peek.

In addition to the founder’s stories interview, several successful internet entrepreneurs have collaborated on training courses in Fizzle.






Training with greats like Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.



“Leo Babauta is the author of The Power of Less and the creator and blogger at Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog (according to TIME magazine) with 200,000 subscribers — one of the top productivity and simplicity blogs on the Internet.”


There are other great successful business owners that have contributed to the training at Fizzle and the platform is fairly young, having been established in 2014. One being the hugely sucsessful Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. It appears that the content will continue to grow over time.

There is also a live “group” session on Fridays where the Fizzle team meets with Fizzlers, discusses business ideas and answers questions for the group. They call this Fizzle Friday and the next scheduled event is always on your dashboard.

The Bottom line on Fizzle

I have to admit that, although Fizzle is not my #1 recommendation, I really like the platform.

  • The website is fresh and clean and very up to date
  • The training is thorough but has a very personal and comfortable field
  • The training is done by several entrepreneur of varying styles and personality
  • There is a community aspect where you are able to interact with other Fizzlers
  • The value is fair at $35 a month

Things I found that rank Fizzle below my #1 recommendation.

  • There is an offer for FREE sign up but to take advantage you have to give them a credit card number. (my #1 lets you in)
  • The community is in a forum which is not always quick to respond and may not be there when you need it (my #1 has 24/7 live chat)
  • I did not find any additional tools that are required to build a business online (my #1 offers hosting of 25 domain owned website plus 25 free site and a good keyword research tool, all as part of the monthly rate.)

Are you still waiting to see what my #1 recommendation is? Or did you already click through?

My #1 recommendation for online business entrepreneurs is Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to the FREE sign up without giving a card number you can stay on the platform FREE for as long as you like.

Yes you will have to upgrade to keep full access but you don’t get autobilled until you see what is offered and make an educated decision.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for much longer then Fizzle and the amount of training overall, far exceeds Fizzle.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting for several websites, a sitebuilder tool that is included and a keyword tool, as well.

The monthly price is $12 more after discounts in the beginning but the amount of additonal training is worth that and if you had to pay separate for the things I just mentioned above it would cost more than $12/mo.

The community of like minded, extremely helpful people is what really sets Wealthy Affiliate apart and the 24/7 live chat rocks.

I tried to write this review from the prospective of a consumer of the product and offer a very thorough view of what is offered, as well as an honest opinion. The truth is a like what Fizzle offers.

However, I do not like it as much as I love being a part of Weallthy Affiliate and I would not leave to join Fizzle.

I do have to say, had I found Fizzle first I may have stopped looking. I think I said something similar in my review of Affilorama but in both cases it is the honest truth.

Ha ha… the honest truth… what other kind of truth is there?

I score both of these products 95 of 100 and I do like them both but Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.

If you decide to check it out for FREE look me up inside at my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

I hope this information was helpful and I wish you luck in your future endeavors wherever they take you. If I can help in any way please don’t hesitate to ask. (You can email or use the comment section below)

Take some time to look around the site and don’t forget to Opt In to stay in touch.

Can you do me a favor and Share this on social media with your friends? I would greatly appreciate that! Thanks!

OBTT – Your Trusted Source on the Web!


  1. Olivia

    Hi Stephen.

    I appreciate very much you that you have brought us this great review full of specific information necessary to take a wise decision when selecting Affiliate marketing Programs.
    It’s actually truth what you said about the videos and how we humans react to them. For example, when I check affiliates programs online and watch the videos, I feel like a robot is talking to me instead of another human, unless the speaker show its real face and I hear the sound of his voice, which it tell us a lot about a person’s character.

    Although the whole review has very through, I still have one question for you. This program seems quite similar -even in the price- of the program that is your number 1 choice, so what is the big difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Fizzle? and why WA is your number 1 choice instead of Fizzle? Fizzle sound very good to me sincerely.

    Thank you very much again for helping us with your reviews.

  2. soc2661

    Hi Olivia,

    Great to see you back here. I really thought I covered the WHY? for me in that decision but I guess I should reread and make sure. I don’t want to leave readers with questions. Thanks for this one because maybe it will help someone else, as well.

    The thing is a really like Fizzle, it is very comfortable and personal feeling, if you know what I mean.

    Let’s compare what makes WA score higher for me.

    WA community has 24 hour LIVE chat that Fizzle does not have. Fizzle has a forum but WA has comment sections in every class room, a place to post questions which than link to a classroom discussion. I feel this is much the same as the furom even though not called a furom and at WA you can search the entire site for answers but don’t have to search specifically in training or question to see those search results. I think this put WA up one.

    WA offers a sitebuilder and hosting as part of the monthly plan which Fizzle does not. WA up two!

    WA has a good keyword tool included, Fizzle does not. WA up 3!

    WA has a very powerful “pay it forward” aspect with feedback and comments, Fizzlers can do it through furoms I guess but it is not structured for you which makes it more of a effort to produce the desired result. WA up 4, well 5… this counts as two! 🙂

    I feel that overall WA is more inclusive of everything you need. Training, community that cares, good tools, hosting, heck you can even register your domain now. You don’t really have to go anywhere else to get a business up and running from the ground up!

    Thanks, Hope this helps!

  3. Ray

    Thanks for the great review, Fizzle sounds quite good although you have to give a credit card detail in the beginning, 2 weeks trial seems to give you a good start. I didn’t quite understand who Fizzle really is for… Can you use the platform for affiliate programs, or do you have to have your own products to sell? Or perhaps both?

    Sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is far better than Fizzle, but it’s good to know there are some other fairly good online marketing tools like Fizzle.


    1. soc2661

      Hey Ray,

      Thanks for reading and for leaving your comment. The training is for all levels of internet marketers at Fizzle and they teach a lot of the same things taught by WA but I think all your hosting and domain registry and tools are up to you outside the platform.

      I didn’t like the interaction within the community as much as I do at WA. Just not the same but nothing is.

      Thanks agin for stopping by, I did a review on Affilorama too if you are interested.


  4. Armand707

    Hi Steven. You have a very good and thorough website about what online businesses are legitimate and which ones just “didn’t make the cut” regarding the best of the best of online businesses. I guess What is Fizzle is no exception. I mean, yes it’s a legitimate online business that cares for the people that get their online businesses up and running. However, WIF’s community is like a shopping mall where it’s only open at certain times of the day as compared to WA where the community is like the city of New York where “it never sleeps”. Anyhow, I’d like to say, “Keep up the good work”.

  5. soc2661 (Post author)

    Hey Armand,

    Thanks so much for taking the time read the review. I agree with you 100%, there is no place like WA anywhere in the world. I have been looking at everything I can find or that people mention. I just don’t see the overall value being beat or even close anywhere else.

    I will keep looking and keep writing reviews. Good luck to you my friend. I did a review on Affilorama too if you are interested.


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