What is Affiliorama

What is Affilorama

The Question is “What is Affilorama” ?

Affilorama is a very popular training program on Affiliate Marketing. The program is comprehensive and inclusive of a wide range of media, as well as, a range of the level of experience it is geared toward.


Name: Affilorama

URL: www.affilorama.com

Owner: Mark Ling

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Pricing: FREE start on the basic plan (Premium upgrade for $1 then $67/month)

OBTT Overall Rating: 95 of 100

Although, as you will eventually hear, “Affilorama” is not my #1 recommendation for affiliate training or for the interneting marketing entrepreneur I have to say the product is good. There is a ton of information, lots of video training, more advanced members that can offer assistance.

I didn’t really like the fact that most of the communication is done through forums but I guess that is because I am used to something that I feel is better or at least more comfortable for me. I do have to give them credit though because I have joined other programs that leave you hanging once you sign up.

The forum is, at least a way to post questions and get answers from other members that are more experienced or have faced the same challenge you are dealing with. The format also gives them the ability to organize the information and communication into thread under several different topics.

The first thing you get when you sign up for FREE is an offer for a premium upgrade for $1 for the first month, which pops up and blocks the screen before you can move on.affilorama premium offer


That’s understandable and if you really expect to get world class training and/or the keys to the kingdom for FREE, well, it just doesn’t work that way. You do get limited access for FREE here and at several of the products I have reviewed prior to this one but if you are serious about building a business and haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that it is going to take some investment, no matter the route you choose, you should consider your commitment.

I’m not trying to be off putting or ugly about by any means, I love helping people and that is what this article is all about. The criteria I used before I will ever recommend a product is simply this, “Do they let you have a test drive for FREE?” As for Affilorama on that question, the answer is yes. I don’t really have any experience with the totally FREE package because I signed up for premium in the first 5 minutes but here is the comparison they offer.

affilorama basic vs premium


Let’s get into what you get when you start out with your Affilorama Membership!

There is a road map at the very top of the first page with an easy to follow GREEN button to direct you to download the 30 page “getting started” PDF. The PDF starts out very basic with a description of “What is Affiliate Marketing”?  Then is goes on to teach why affiliate marketing is  a superior way to create wealth online, what is invloved, common pitfalls, etc.

As mentioned at the outset of this review the training is comprehensive. The video training is fairly extensive and geared toward newer marketers being able to follow along with out much challenge. The videos are all fairly short (6 to 10 minutes) with text coaching and images accompanying each module.affilorama video


One of the things that you find in the small print is that when you sign up for the $1 premium offer you will be billed as an auto renewal monthly in the amount of $67 for your premium membership. The product is offered through “Clickbank” does have a standard cancellation agreement. The cancellation will discontinue rebilling but is completely separate from any refund you may fill you deserve, if unhappy with the product.affilorama cancellation


In addition to the standard premium membership with Affilorama there are upgrade tools offered at an additional cost to you the member. I tried to use my member account to do “keyword” research for this post, only to find out that comes at an additoional cost. Just my luck, my #1 recommendation, of which I am a proud member has a Keyword Tool included in my membership.

Now, to be completely fair, the owners do have another, more powerful, industry keyword tool available for an additional cost, as well.

See also: OBTT on Good Keyword Research

As you make your way down the first page you see all these things that you get the impression are available, in my case for the $1 to jump to $67 in a month and every month after that. However, as you dig a little deeper you found out that is not truly the case.

affilorama add ons


AffiloBlueprint- that blueprint word is all over internet marketing but hey “The foolproof blueprint for building profitable affiliate websites, Easy step-by-step videos, etc” sounds good! Right? It even includes the host of your first site and a sitebuilder tool. What you get when you get when you click that green “learn more” button  is a mile long sales pages and at the bottom? affilorama blueprint
Hey, for $197 they gotta give you something! That’s in addition to the $67 a month for premium. I am confident the hosting is adequate and the sitebuilder works but to me everything is a question of value. Bang for your buck – know what I mean?

I mentioned earlier trying to use the “Keyword Tool” which I looked for through the search box on the Affilorama site. The search brought me to a results page that looks a lot like the pages a big search engine returns when you enter a query. I thought that was kind of cool but what wasn’t so cool was the another sign up page.

Sure it is another $1 first month offer but then, “Guess what?” If you guessed another $67/month auto-renewal you would be correct. The AffiloTools offer is an additional cost to get access, as well.

The third section on that “Upgrade” area, for lack of a better word, is the AffiloJetpack which is tauted to be a package deal where they give you the successful niche, keywords, content and graphics for a successful “turn-key” online business. I have to admit I was very curious to see what they ask for that and maybe some samples of what you get.

When I clicked the GREEN button I got a good surprise…

affilorama Jet


Now, that is unfortunate for you and I both because I cannot give you any insight to what is offered in the AffiloJetpack. It sounds like there is a chance that if you have money to invest and just want to buy an online business, it might be an alternative. I, of course, do not know that for sure but it’s probably beside the point because I’m operating on a limited budget.

affiliorama testimony


Here is what some of their members have to say, at least the one they tell us about.

What about you? Are you trying to get a start but operating on a limited budget? 

I know I am not the only one operating on a limited budget but willing to put in the time and effort to make this thing happen. Hey listen, the bottom line on Affilorama, they have good training and the web site is nice. Truth be told if I had the money to invest for a future where this comfortable for me and I had not found something that is a greater value, I would probably be happy building my business at Affilorama.

All said and done this review currently puts Affilorama at #2 on my recommendation list for online business training. I do believe that the training is quality training and the tools they offer are good but as I mentioned earlier I look at it from a question of value. Bang for Your Buck! For that my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and you can see my review here.

The comparison Wealthy Affiliate you do get a Free test drive. (7 days full access and you can stay for free with limited access)

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $47/month (if you can afford an annual membership you get an additional discount)

Yes, I know $47 a month is also and investment but what you get for that is where they gain the #1 spot.

  • Access to all the training classrooms, which include video, images and member interaction
  • Hosting for up to 25 domain owned websites
  • An industry leading sitebuilder interface
  • 24/7 live chat with a very helpful community of members guiding you
  • Access to a keyword tool with competition stats
  • LIVE video training on a weekly basis where you can ask questions as you go
  • Personal interaction with the actual owners and founders of the site
  • Site statics and ranking scores

This list goes on but you get it all for one price!

I have to be prefectly honest, I am not just trying to close a sale, I LOVE it at Wealthy Affiliate. The community aspect of the platform is the best thing I have ever been a part of. Just to give you an idea, I bought my first online course, “Commission Blueprint” in 2008, when it was still version 1.0. I’ve been around and I’ve seen some stuff. There are know get rich quick schemes, you gotta want it and put in the work.

I got my annual membership for my Premium account at the Black Friday Sale, I have no control over that and no knowledge of what happens with membership pricing but I bet there will be another sale.

Here is the thing, if you want to get started or even if you are just curious to see if you think you can really do it, you can check it out FREE. There is a discount offer for the first month at $19, so if you use your 7 days and then pay $19 to can have 5 full weeks to train and get as much out of it as possible and cancel at anytime.

At least that way you give yourself a real shot at it for under $20!

If you decide to give it a shot look me up inside, I commit to you that I will help you in anyway I can. As a matter of fact if you sign up through my site you won’t even have to look me, I’ll find you.

Here is the link to my WA profile, just in case.

^^ Now Click that banner and see for yourselfWELL GO AHEAD!! ^^


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  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi There,

    This article interested me and caught my attention because i have heard a lot about affilorama. Some good some not so good and some bad,

    I like this review because it is very balanced, informative and detailing out the upsells (not something I like). It does appear that basic training is covered in the basic $67/month package and when you need to learn more..going to cost you some more bucks! (by which time you may or may not have earned your first sustainable income online!)

    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Thanks for taking the time read my review, I hope you got something out of it. I don’t like to slam on anybody about the products, I just try to share my point view and/or opinion.

      The training actually seems pretty good, just a bit more expensive then others.


  2. Alfonso

    Soc, great article. I was on the affilorama website a few weeks ago and was itching to give it a try, however, i to found their pricing structure a little outrageous. I’m trying to start an online business and earn a profit but how will i see it if I’m paying everything back out to them. thanks for the post I’ll certainly be staying away from them.

    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Hey Alfonso,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I am glad you got something from it that helped you decide on way or the other. That is really all I try to do, give information so readers can make an educated decision.

      I know that for me the best value is always important so I do try to point that out, as well. I guess I amy be a little bias but I try to give a fair assessment of the products all the same.

      Thanks for your comments and good luck!


  3. Michael S.

    Stephen, I appreciated your unbiased review. I do agree that Wealthy Affiliates seems t be the better choice.


    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I liked lots of what I saw at Affilorama but the overall value is much greater at WA. I fell like it’s my second family, I love it at WA and I am building my dream there, as well.


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