Websites Made Easy


Website building made easy!

Is there such a thing? YES there is! As a matter of fact, not only can it be very easy, it can also be extremely fast and absolutely FREE.

OK, your a skeptic… I get it… You want to proof… 

Did you try it? It’s cool either way, you can always come back if you didn’t.

Obviously, like everyone I have my preferences and I wholeheartedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate and you will find information and recommendations of that sort all over my site. What you should know is that I do my homework and I have spent many hours over many years trying to figure this stuff out. I am perfectly willing to discuss any options or opinions I have knowledge of and experience with. Feel free to put questions in the comment section below.

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Website Building Made Easy!

I first built a website about 17 years ago and believe me it is 1000 times easier and faster today. I had to learn to write HTML code and I did that pretty much on my own. My brother-in-law was building a site at the same time so we help each other as we went. You had to code everything back then from top to bottom, inside and out. You had to learn codes for colors so you could set background colors.

You had to write the code for every link and for the side bar menus to appear and function the way you wanted them to. The worst part was you could type code for hours and one wrong key stroke would kill the whole page. Here’s another crazy thing, you would write the code in a “text” document and view it in your browser and then if it was what you wanted to you to upload the file through FTP (file transfer protocol) to your host server, using dial-up internet service.

Now… you simply use a site builder and choose a theme and all that stuff I just mentioned is done in one CLICK! Yep, it really is that easy and that fast.

Website 101


First there are a few basic you should understand about the website building requirements. If you are familiar with all of this, I apologize, however I want to make sure that even the newest beginner can follow along.

Domain Name and Registry

In order for a website site to be found on the web it has to have an address “” this is referred to as a domain name. A domain name has to be purchased through a registry. is probably one of the most popular or at least most well known.

There are others like and That list goes on and on. You have to go to a registry and find out if the domain name you want is available, many .com names are already taken but you may get a .net or .org. If the name you want is not available they will give you suggestion and you choose the domain name you want. Cost is usually $8 to $15 a year.

Website Hosting

The hosting of a website refers to where the files that build the structure and content of the site are stored. Most companies today offer bundled deals for domain registry, hosting and site building, as do the registry companies mentioned above.

Site Builder Platform

There are site building tools or platforms which typically provide you with a point and click type experience in putting together a site. With one click of the “publish” botton your site is live on the web. Some of the top companies in addition to the companies mentioned are SiteBuilder, Website, Idea Host, Bluehost, Weebly and Wix to name a few.

The majority of these companies advertise “free domains” which you get when you pay for a site hosting account and that typically includes a site builder tool or platform. Prices usually range from $5 to $15 a month if you want to have a .com domain name. There are hosting services where you can get a completely free site but they include some type of URL extention. for example “”.

I believe that just about covers the basics of what website require to be live on the internet and I guess it may make it seem like it is more complicated then I orginally told you. It really isn’t. You could go to one of the sites I mentioned, give them your name and email address, choose a password to create an account, get in choose a theme with one click and publish with a second and your site would be live.

Again if you want to build a FREE site in less than a minute… here is your chance

It really has been made very easy to build a website. Obviously, it will take more time and thought to build a site that people want to read, come back to and tell their friends about.

Building Site Content is where you idividuality get to shine, where you get to share your passions, where you can create something that will help others. Yes eventually we will get to the money part. Is that why you are still here? I know, I get it, believe me, I get it.

I hope this gives you some idea how to get started. Please leave comments and questions below.

I will soon be posting additional information on using WordPress, which is the world most widely used site building platform across the web. As a matter of fact, this site was built using WordPress. I will be suggesting and explaining the following:

  • Site design and structure
  • Building Content
  • WordPress plugins
  • email campaigns
  • monetizing your website

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