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The Wealthy Affiliate

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The Wealthy Affiliate

Are you considering the possibility of starting an online business. of becoming a wealthy affiliate marketer? Would you like to build something online to make your dreams come true and those of the people that you care about the most? I know that it is possible and I have faith YOU can be “The Wealthy Affiliate”, above all wealthy affiliates.

The truth is there are lots of options to consider and lots of good programs and platforms that you could join. Here at Steve Olan’s OBTT – Your Trusted Source on the Web, we strive to bring you as much information as we can to help you make and educated decision. Have you looked at the web search results for “make money online”? There are millions of related sites.

Watch this video on how you can become “The Wealthy Affiliate”

I have included an approximate transcript of what is in the video “The Wealthy Affiliate”


I have recently heard from a few people that they would rather read material than watch a video. Obviously, everyone is different, so here it is just in case.

The Wealthy Affiliate

Hi Y’all

Stephen here with Online Business Tips and Tricks!

Better known to some as OBTT Your Trusted Source on the Web.

I want to talk to you today about a few things, so if you want to listen we are off to a good start.

First off, I am born and raised in New Orleans La so there is your answer to why I sound like I do.

I love my home town, there is no place else in the world quite like New Orleans.

No that is not what I wanted to talk to you about… let’s just call it an ice breaker.

OK… on with it…

I want to talk to you about why this site was created and about why I am doing what I do. The truth is I have always been fascinated with technology and with figuring out how things work. On top of that I am very creative and I have an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit.

OBTT is not my only blog but the purpose behind it is similar to that of my other sites. That is, I like sharing what I have learned and I love helping other people.

OBTT is about building a successful business online. If you really are interested in that as a true possibility you can benefit from the things I have learned, already. If you just want to go to the web and search, good luck. Just kidding but really, go type in online business, make money online, work at home, fire my boss, internet marketing, affiliate marketing.

There are millions of search results that Google will tell you have some relevance to those search terms. It can be overwhelming and a little scary.

How in the world are you supposed to know what to trust? What is good and what is a rip off?

That’s where I come in… I started out on the internet in 1995 with AOL… You’ve got mail! Remember?

I have been knocking around the web ever since… Here is a bit of personal information… I met my wife on the web. We have been married for 16 years this spring…

I first learn HTML code in 1998 and built my own web site way before it was as easy as it is today.

Online Business Tips and Tricks has FREE training and product reviews to help you get started on the right path to success. I actually pay to join different online business offers so that I can go through the training and give it to you straight. In the end it does not bother me which products you choose and I do not try to fairly guide you to choose what I want you to choose.

You see, the way online business works for most people is that they earn commissions by getting people to buy a certain product. Unfortunately, the online competition arena is a lot like a political campaign, a lot MUD SLINGING.

The bloggers or business owners tell you all the dirty stuff they can find on one offer and then close with BUY THIS INSTEAD! What really sucks is that most times they don’t even have real experience with the product they are trashing to get you to buy theirs.

Sometimes, that will also stretch the truth quite bit to get you to buy a product. If someone is making you a promise of a get rich quick product or opportunity… RUN the other way, fast.

There are no get rich quick schemes!

Yeah sure, if you have a lot of money to spend you could invest that in building and online business and make some fast money but that is really no different than buying a brick and mortar business. Some success can be bought.

The thing is, most people that begin to look for an opportunity online are already hurting and already stretched thin, so they don’t have a ton of money to invest. Sound familiar?

Yes there are scams and rip offs, I have experienced more than I care to remember and there are also many good programs that can help you build something real. Something that could change your life and the lives of those that mean the most to you.

As I said, what you decide really makes no difference to me. I just want to help you make and educated decision. The truth is I will earn a commission for any of the products I review here on OBTT even if it is rated the lowest of all the products. That is the way this business works.

Even the people that are bashing and trashing another business or using it to make money. If I write a review about a top business offer that people are talking about and tell you how terrible it is and that you should never get close to it. I would still benefit from that business’s name and reputation which used as keywords will help me get ranked higher in the search engines. That will result in more free traffic to my site where I will try to convince you to buy my top choice or #1 recommendation instead.

I write my honest opinion on products, give you as much information as I can and give you what I feel or pros and cons but I do not have to lie about a business or product to do that. Of course I have a top choice or a #1 pick.

Think of it like this… you like ice cream… but you have a favorite… if it is chocolate… that doesn’t necessarily mean that vanilla sucks and you would never go near it.

I like peanuts, I already told you I am a southern boy I like pecans too and brazil nuts… walnuts… pistachios

However my #1… my top pick is cashew nuts!

I know of several great online business training platforms and opportunities and I have reviewed them here on the site for you. That said, YES I will tell you what my number 1 choice is.

I am a proud premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love it. I have been knocking around the web for a long time, as I mentioned and Wealthy Affiliate, to me, is the best training platform for all levels of online business endeavors anywhere on the planet.

The best aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is the community. The founders Kyle and Carson have managed to creat an environment of like-minded people all helping each other to succeed.

The platform has a wealth of world class training with videos that grows all the time, a 24/7 live chat that always has someone there willing to help. There are forum type discussions on all the lessons and throughout the platform. There is a question board to post any question you have and members pass through and leave answers and help.

Each member has a profile page, like a social network, there are comment and feedback sharing areas for all members to participate and help each other. Like a pay it forward system. In addition the experienced members are adding to the training all the time and all members have a public blog inside WA.

There are live webinars ever week, a site builder where you can create a new website in 4 simple steps. A keyword tool to help you research.

I could go on and on…

With all this how could you not become “The Wealthy Affiliate”?

You probably want to know what all this cost… and you may be trying to prepare to hear a huge number. Well…

You can start…  for only… ah who am I kidding FREE… you can come inside and see all of what I am trying to put into words for yourself without spending a dime… you don’t even have to take out your credit card or give PayPal info. It’s free…

No it’s really FREE… you get 7 days to check it all out… full access to the training and the tools in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

After that you will either choose that you want to upgrade to premium or stay at a free membership with limited access. You can stay Free and still get two web sites and take advantage of the “Getting Started” training.

If you do decide to upgrade the first month is yours for only $19… here is the way I looked at it… become the Wealthy Affiliate for under $20

Because yes I was worried about a financial commitment with no payoff… I didn’t really have money to commit without knowing what my return would be.

I looked at the platform… experienced the community and the training… it is all awesome… so I learned as much as I could in 7 days free… then I paid $19 for the first month and figured I could plow through the training and learn a lot in 4 more weeks… that’s a full five weeks of as much training as I could squeeze in for under $20… plus the websites… that is a value in my book… great value!

Once I was in and began to reflect on why I had not been able to be successful in the past, this was not my first dance… I realized that prior to now I had always quit too soon, I had never given myself a true shot.

We are so conditioned… I gotta have a real job… this stuff won’t work… I can afford this… people who care about us don’t get it or get worried for us and try to convince us to give up our dreams for our own good. That goes for all kinds of dreams… not just an online business.

So here it is… after the first month at $19 you will auto renew monthy at $47… however, if you pay for a full year up front you get a decent discount. It just so happened for me that right at the time I was going to start paying $47… there was a Black Friday Special so I paid for the annual membership and gave myself a real shot… and it works out to about $27/month… I have the ability to host 25 free sub domain sites and 25 domain owned sites… full access to the entire platform and tools… incentives to win a trip to Vegas and more…

I am thrill to be working to build a future for my family and I am thrilled to be able to share as I learn. I have made several dear friends and every day I make progress toward building my dream.

So there it is… I really hope you enjoyed it… I am grateful that you watched and would be happy to discuss this stuff with you as much as you want and answer any question I can. If you decide to check it out… absolutely free for 7 days… look me up on the inside and I will help you as much as I possibly can.

Oh… I forgot to tell you… there is no contract agreement… you can quit anytime… so 7 days full access free… stay for free with limited access and 2 websites. Get 4 more weeks for $19… if you don’t see the value in 5 weeks to justify staying you can quit with no more charges… Or you can sign up… keep working and build a future that will allow you freedom to do what you want when you want…

Ok that’s it… hope this helps… if you decide on another product I reviewed here I may make a few dollars when you sign up but I won’t see you there because I’ll be at Wealthy Affiliate helping other souls build their dream. To become the wealthy affiliate we all dream of being.

If you want to come on in I’ll be waiting for you and I give you my personal commitment to do everything I can to help you build a successful business and the be the wealthy affiliate I know you can be.

Same as me, you gotta give yourself a real shot! It takes hard work, a willingness to learn and it takes a commitment. Without all of these things it is not possible to be the wealthy affiliate you dream of being.

You can find my profile inside the Wealthy Affiliate program here.

What are you waiting for?

Did I forget to mention it is FREE and you can cancel at anytime?


  1. Kristena

    Thanks for putting the transcript of the video on there. I think this is going to be helpful to those that are hearing impaired. I think your information and the way you present it are a perfect way to get people involved in this program. I will definitely be taking a look at it myself. Again, thank you for letting us know about this company.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hello Kristena,

      I am very glad you stopped by for a read and I am grateful for you taking to time comment. I have been working to build this site and to get a message out to readers and I started feeling like it was a bit to business like. I usually feel good about all my posts or I don’t put them out there but I just wanted to try to speak from the heart a bit as well as logic.

      If a reader is serious about even so much as giving this online or website or blog idea a try. There is no better place to do it, in my opinion. I have been to many of the popular platforms and websites and many of them are good but Wealthy Affiliate stands alone when it comes to people helping people and the “pay it forward” concept.

      Thanks Again!

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