Sow the Seeds

Sow the Seeds


Sow the Seeds – You know what I mean?

When I sit down to write a blog here in WA I am usually just sharing things that I tend to contemplate during this process of building something.​

It seems to me that many people try in this business but many end up failing and most of those simply because they give up too soon.

I was thinking about this very thing this morning and the term “Sow the Seeds” just came to, so here we are.

One of the things that I think ends up having a negative impact on newbies in this business is that we get so excited in the beginning. Let’s face it, when you start something new you usually get some level of excitement in the process.

When you get going you conceive, create and establish!

​If that doesn’t get you excited something is wrong, right? The thing that happens which I think ends up being the negative impact I mentioned is we get excited we build anxiety. We get so excited we have trouble dealing with the germination period.

Are you following? Does this sound familiar?

We have to sow the seeds, we have to water the soil but we also have to have some patients. I the beginning, something is definitely happening, but you don’t see it. When you sow the seeds you tend to get excited too but you know you have to wait.

If you set out to grow a great, majestic oak tree it will take some months just to get a seedling. Once you have the seedling there are things you must do to ensure it eventually becomes the great, majestic oak tree you conceived.

You wouldn’t walk away in the time it takes to sprout!

​On this endeavor to bring about a majestic oak tree you would not give up in the time it takes to sprout. When you see the seedling y​ou may begin to have dreams of what a great tree it will be but you aren’t going to give up on it next week because it isn’t yet a huge tree.

You understand the time it takes and you understand the care it takes. I hope you are staying with me on this one. The seeds you have already sown will become great majestic oak trees but there isn’t much you can to excellorate the process.

Sure they will need to be taken care of but if you get impatient and starting messing around, trying to move them from place to place to try and make them grow faster, you may end up destroying the potential of that seedling.

Have you heard of John Chow?

John Chow is a pretty famous blogger form Canada. In short, his story is he started a blog and took it from $0 to $40,000. If you come across an ad it is going to try to focus your attention on the $40,000 but you probably won’t hear the part of the story about the 2 year process, until after you pay for the product.

John is one of the top blogging for money guys in the world and he now makes lots of money by telling people how he makes money. Anyway, the real point is that even the best take years to see the full potential of the seeds they sow.

I am also fairly certain that even the great John Chow sowed a few seeds that didn’t produce a $40,000/month tree but he had to be patient with the one that did.

If you find yourself getting discouraged or getting impatient, think about the seed. Stop running out to look at the ground everyday and poking around to see if it has sprouted. When you see the seedling indexed in Google just keep watching over it and taking care of it. One day your great, majestic oak will be at the top of the first page.

If you really are so excited that you just can’t help yourself.

​My recommendation to you is to sow another seed while the one you have already sown germinates and continues to grow. Then another and another… you are potential the creator of the most amazing Oak Forest you can imagine.

We love to hear you thoughts on this one. This is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about here on OBTT your trusted source on the web.

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