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Your Social Media Strategy – What are you Leaving on the Table?

your social media strategy

What’s changing in ‘Digital Marketing’ that you need to know?

First things first, if your social media strategy is not near the top of your focus points you are most definitely missing an opportunity.

What are you leaving on the table? Well, that really depends on your target audience.

If any significant percentage of your target audience is between the ages of 15 and 30 and your social media plan is not well structured and properly implemented, you could be losing big.

Please don’t take this to mean that is the only segment you can successfully market to on social media. My mom is in her 70s and she is on Facebook, all the time.

I published a Social Media Marketing Guide about 6 months ago here. The amount of stuff I have learned since, prompted me to write this as a follow-up to that article.

In my previous article I write about the power of your social media as it relates to the “Tribe”. How connecting to one can lead to others and how that can “Start a Movement”.

All of these things are still true and probably even more so, than just a few short months ago.

In preparation for this post I read a couple of articles recently published on social media marketing. I several there were surveys done with small businesses and marketing proffessionals. The common theme is that a large majority of the decision makers are already heavily focused on social media.

Most of the small businesses surveyed that are not currently executing a strong plan have things in place to do so in the near future. Over 70% of small business owners are now or will be focused on digital advertising, with social media playing a large roll.

Another trend in the survey results is that many marketers are cutting back on traditional marketing efforts and feel that will continue over the next 5 years, as the impact of social media grows over that same period.

How do you decide which platforms are right for you?

Some of that determination may depend on who your target audience is, so that is a great icons

  • Find out who your target audience is

  • Find out where and when they are spending time online


  • Get your blog posts, ads or offers in front of them at those times on those plaforms

This is certainly a pretty simplified outline of the process. I can elaborate on the nuts and bolts in a future post so if you are interested and would like to see that post, drop me a line, below.

Now, I don’t know your business, however, I believe that no matter what it is, there is a large target audience on all social media platforms. My personal strategy is to be on all of them. It takes a different action plan or approach from one to the other but they are all powerful in there own right.

According to the data that is available, Facebook, is still KING.

The great new for you and your social media strategy is that the platform itself tells you something about the consumer or prospect. And although the people in your target audience may be in a same tribe, they are all their own person.

Twitter people are part of the Twitter culture and they like a message that is short and to the point. You will need to get a complete thought into 180 characters (fewer with pictures). They also want quality content, just like a visitor to your site. Do not try to reach people by selling them something on every thing you put out.

Obviously, Pinterest and Instagram users are more visual people but the basics still apply to your social media plan. Share quality content, connect, engage, gain trust or authority, call to action.

Now there is the question of how in the world you keep up with it all?

I have several Facebook pages in addition to my personal timeline, one for each of my businesses. I have two Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, Instragram, Google+ and Pinterest. Ah, I almost failed to mention YouTube and Vimeo.

Once you master the art of expanding your reach on multiple channels it can get hard to keep up with. There are tools to help with that and many businesses have a team of people to do the management of their social media.

For some time I was attempting to keep up with all of my accounts and platforms on my own. The problem is the thinner you spread yourself the less effective you are.

I recently discovered a tool that has allowed me to accellerate what I was already doing on social media and I am super excited about the results I am getting.10X in ten days

Check out these results in short time.

I started a new Twitter account to test the tool using it from the ground up. I managed the account on my own for a few days the same way I was doing on my other accounts originally.

I took note of a simple measurement, How many “Twitter impressions” I was getting on my activity. I got it to an average of around 500 per day without much work, just a steady flow of content.

I started using my “New Tool” which took me a few hours to set up and I grew the impressions for 500 to 5000 a day in a little over a week.

The awesome thing is that while I was sending the few hours setting up, I also set up the parts of the tools that help manage and increase followers. In addition I was able to create campaigns that run on several social media platforms at the same time.

I was also able to set up additional campaigns that are more niche specific for different pages, groups and lists.

I could go on an on about the power of this tool because I am so fired up about my results but I should just let you go check it out.

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