Social Media Marketing Guide

Social Media Marketing Guide

In this Social Media Marketing Guide

I will attempt to answer and explain some of the most common questions we get about:

  • Social Media Marketing Machines
  • Free Social Share
  • Social Media Share Widget
  • Social Share Plugins WordPress

Social Media Marketing Machines

I recently watched a video talk on TED by Seth Godin called The Tribes we Lead in which he relates how social media has reshaped the way ideas spread and movements are started.

The idea, that once overwhelmed the use of media and marketing, that “mass marketing” is the only way to reach huge numbers of followers is no longer relevant. People like being a part of a “tribe” and always have. In today’s world you can create a movement by finding people that are interested in an idea or product and connecting them to others with the same interest.

Connect a group of like minded people around and idea and then lead them.

This group or tribe will connect to another group or tribe and then still another and so on. In the end it is not only possible but probable, that you can create a movement. I like to refer to these movements as social media marketing machines. You can get the engine started and the machine will run and run.

Another social media marketing concept worth some discussion is the idea that women will eventually control global marketing.

With woman dominating social media with a usage rate above 70% of all users and with social media beginning to take over,  the idea that women will control global marketing makes sense to me. The success of an online social media campaign could very well depend on how it appeals to women. With this being the case women could also be considered Social Media Marketing Machines.

Free Social Share

A great thing about todays internet climate and the way people interact on the web is that you can take advantage of the “Free Social Share” aspect. Consider the tribe aspect mentioned above. Relate that to social media sharing. If you market an idea to a tribe of like minded people and get them engaged and communicating it is likely that each tribe member has several other interests and engagement tribes.

Their engagement with your idea compells them to clcik the SHARE button on a communication about the idea. This share will be seen by other tribes that have formed around something else that the original tribe members are interested in and engaged with.

This could mean several additional tribe connections for each of the original tribe members and then the exponential growth begins. Imagine the masses it is possible to engage in this way, using the free social share aspect.

Social Media Share Widget

Social media share widgets are plentiful and fairly easy to use. They are also effective tools in getting tribes to engage an idea, product or service.

Today it is expected that your website is equiped with the social media share widget. Visitors to your site will likely be frustrated if they are viewing engaging content and do not have the option to share with a simple click of the mouse. Depending on the site builder platform you are working with the widgets available will vary. However, they are all very similar in appearance and functionality.

Social Media Share Plugin

A social media share plugin is very much the same tool as a social media share widget except that it typically has additional functionality to place clickable share buttons within a website body of content.

You will see social media share plugin products that allow share buttons at the beginning of a post’s content or at the end of the content or even at both the beginning and the end.

There are social media share plugin features for “floating share button” that saying in front of the reader even as they scroll up and down the page.

There are some plugins with the option to set horizontal button and or vertical buttons.

I would caution that the use of these widgets and plugins with so many options for button placement should be well thought out. It is quite possible to get carried away thinking that the more share options you provide the more shares you will get. This is not the case and if the share buttons give the impression you are trying to force them on the reader, they will be a distraction.

When building a website it is of utmost importance that the readers experience is inviting and what I like to call a “comfortable”. As mentioned earlier, the way to get the social media marketing machines rolling is to get them engaged. The engagement comes with interesting and compelling content that your readers trust.

How big can a movement become?

How big can a movement become by first connecting a tribe of common minded people around an idea, product or service?

Twitter – 316 million monthly users (77% of which or outside the US) and over 500 million daily Tweets

Facebook – 1.39 billion monthy users with 300,000 status updates a minute and 135,000 pictures uploaded.

LinkedIn – 1.5 million groups, 3 million company pages and more than 27% of the user connect through mobile devices

Instagram – already over 360 billion photos on the platform

Google + – 360 million monthly users

Pinterest is dominated by female users and also has an impressive number of monthly users. The social media world is still growing with upstarts like Line, Snapchat, etc. Browse these numbers and just take it in, it is easy to see that a movement can be started on any of these platforms. The fact is the movement can begin on all of the platforms simultaneously.

Can you say viral?

Developing a social media network

Considering what your social media sharing strategy is going to be is important.

When I first started out on social media I was excited about it, like I assume many users are. After a short time I got invovled in some game play through social media and discovered how fast that can build a network.

Eventually, I decided I didn’t want to have to keep up with all the connctions I had created. I began to down size my network because I felt it was distracting and I just didn’t have the time. When you think about it, the groups of people I connected with are virually the tribes I referred to earlier.

I used to play Mafia Wars, the people I added to my network form that game platform were a tribe connected around that particualr product with an interest and engagement.

If I had a product related to that game or even that idea, what better tribe to be connecting to my product or idea?

In addition many of those tribe members were also using other game platforms or invovled with freinds that hold other common interest, fantasy football or fishing or book clubs, whatever.

On Facebook a personal account is limited in the number of freinds you can have which I know as a limit of 5,000. I have seen some information or speculation that Facebook may have quietly lifted this limit. I cannot comment on that because I have no knowledge of that other than seeing it mentioned in a few forums.

However, even with the limit, a user with a personal profile can manage mutiple pages on Facebook and each page can have followers. A page is created as more of a commercial account with some additional features. If you are following a page the post to that page show up in your newsfeed the same as status updates show up from your freinds linked to a personal profile.

As you can see it is possible to expand the numbers in your mutiple networks to a fairly huge number. The potential of creating an inspired movement, through the use of free social share options is not just possible or probable but is likely, with the right approach.

I hope you have found this information intriguing and useful. I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment or ask questions through the comment box below.

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  1. Brandon

    The power of social media is….well its powerful. I mean damn, Facebook 36 billion monthly users is that even real. There isn’t even that many people in the world. But I know there are multiple accounts such as fan pages and parody accounts not to mention all the fake accounts. Its quite unbelievable what you can do if you have a nice following.

    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      I do apologize for that misinformation I am making that correction. My source apparently had a typo and when I dug down to his source the number is acutally 1.39 billion. I researched additional sources that indicate very similar numbers. I will also add resource links to my post. Thanks for pointing it out!

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