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Six Surefire Ways to Fail at Any Business – Avoid at All Cost

Surfire ways to fail

Are you looking for great ways to kill your dreams?

Of course, you are not here to learn to kill your dreams and hopefully you haven’t had much experience doing so. There are, however, several things that are very common in failing endeavors worldwide. The list could be very long but I just want to share six surefire ways to fail at any business and a few tips to avoid them.

#1 – Build a business with the sole purpose of “Making Money”

While it is true that many of us start a business with the intent of making some money, anyone that has had the slightest brush with success knows there has to be another “Purpose”.

” People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do what you do.”

It is true, people buy WHY you do what you do. We all have a personal “why” we do the things we do and for most of us it has to do with the people we love most.

In the same way, a company or a business has to be built around a “purpose”. For some, that will be captured in a mission statement and disseminated to the team through the culture. With the intent that it shows through to the customer in quality products, services, and experiences.

#2 – Believe in get rich quick as a sound business strategy

If there was really such a thing, there would be a lot more millionaires in the world. Yes, of course, there have been quick successes and work hard for successsome rapid rising superstars.

The thing is you don’t get the real story, the part about the failed attempts and the years of struggle aren’t nearly as sensational and are usually left out.

Times have changed and our young people do not have the same attitude or success plan as our great grandparents did.

That is fine. The most constant thing in life is change and acceptance of that is important.

Here is my take, we ALL have unlimited potential and being the best we can be, consistently, takes hard work. That goes for building a successful business, as well.

#3 – Think that someone else has all the answers you need

While it is a fact that having good advice is valuable, you have to put yourself into your decisions for your business. You will make a few bad decisions and maybe even lose a few bucks, all businesses do, the successful ones more than you think.

What you will learn in the process is more valuable than the few bucks you lose.

I have watched people building businesses grasping for any advice they can get when they feel stuck. They take the advice and run out and make changes but something just doesn’t feel right, so they seek more advice and repeat the process.

Develop a plan, take action, make decisions based on your “purpose”, test, test, test… and dare to take chances.

#4 – Accept success and just ride the waves

After putting in the hard work we have talked about and things are rolling, it is easy to sit back and rest. Don’t make the mistake of failing to keep the pedal to the metal.

When you are building a growing business and you are climbing the mountain it takes something special to keep driving to the summit and not stop to enjoy the view.

Stay focused and remember that unlimited potential you have. Why settle for sharing your purpose with a hundred thousand clients when there are millions more to be served.Get an education that pays for itself

#5 – Place the blame for failure on others

  • My team let me down.
  • I can find good help, anymore.
  • My investors backed out.
  • The market dried up.

If you have a product and/or service that you built a business, with a purpose, around and nobody bought from your company, you definitely did something wrong.

Take responsibility for your dreams and make them a reality, accept your mistakes, grow from them and crush it the next time.

#6 – Think that the only thing that matters is the goal

Have you heard:

” It’s all about the jouney and not the destination.”

Think of driving to the summit, that we referred to above. Are you going to stay at the peak of the mountain forever? No, you aren’t finished, you have to come back down. There is always a next.

Don’t be so focused on getting to your goal that you fail to enjoy the journey and live in the moment. People often make the mistake of thinking if I can just get to this point, everything will be fantastic.

I heard another quote I like. What is happiness? “Happiness is the moment right before you need more happiness.” ~ Mad Men


If you have a desire to kill your dreams, to fail in any business, simply do these 6 things and you are sure to be a success at failure.

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