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SEO Made Easy

Website search engine optimization tips, SEO Made Easy! The tips seem to be everywhere. There also seems to be quite a bit of disagreement on the way to go. SEO Made Easy does not recommend any specific SEO website services or SEO marketing software but rather we discuss 10 tips on how what to consider. If you are like me you just want to get ranked with the big boys one time to prove to yourself it can be done. Of the big 3, “google website optimization” is probably the platinum you really want to find.

10 tips website optimization:

#1 Understand Search Engines

Search engines work by performing two basic functions – 1. Crawling 2. Indexing. Search engines use automated robots referred to as crawlers or spiders the scour billions of unique documents on the web. They do this by follow links as the most effecient path the accomplish this enormous task. Search engine companies store all this data on thousands of machine that produce answers almost immediately when someone enters a search query. The crawlers scour the data and return answers by listing only sites that a relevant to the search and ranking them but the popularity of the sites.

#2 Quality Content

The big boys are past all that stuff where you used to be able to fake it and get ranked. They are doing a much better job each upgrade that comes out at finding true “quality content”. Google website optimization definetly will not happen like you need it to if you do not provide quality content. Remember, you are not trying to please the search engine bots, you are trying to provide quality to ‘human” readers.

#3 Frequent Addition of Content

You can’t just write one are two post or pages and never do anymore. You have to build a website following by adding great content on a regular basis. Anything less than 3 or 4 post a week and you are going to struggle to rank well. Daily post should probably be your goal from the beginning, even if you just plan on doing affiliate marketing. You have to provide something to the reader. You can’t focus on the money first and then the traffic.

#4 Productive “Keyword” strategy

Your keyword strategy has to be productive but your writing cannot be all about keywords and nothing else. Nobody is going to want to read it. If you throw something together just focused on packing in the keywords and not quality content your readers will begin to ignore your posts. A good strategy is to find the keywords you think will rank high and then write your post around them while maintaining focus on the writing.

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#5 Use the tools

As mentioned earlier “Google website optimization” is where you want your main focus to be just due to the sheer volume of searches done on Google. Have you noticed that when you start a search on Google recommended search terms pop up? That stuff is updated at a very fast rate, almost real time and it is updated from what real people are typing into the search engine. You can’t find a better FREE keyword tool than the help Google is giving you.

#6 Know your competition

You should make it a habit to use the search engines as a research tool to get to know what your competition is up to. Find out who is ranking and check out their sites. I’m obviously not saying to copy other sites but you can get ideas about content, website design, keywords and much more. Posting duplicate content will drop you out of the rankings faster than you can blink, so DO NOT copy content.

#7 Backlinks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

Inbound links were originally important (before the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today, their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is one of the factors considered by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page.

#8 Be Social

The importance of social networking to the current internet community is huge. The big boys obviously know this and it places a big part in how sites are now ranked. If you are not a social networker you should be and you should be sharing everything. Again, it has to be quality, if you just post junk everyday your freinds are going to get aggravated and stop reading everything you post, maybe even unfriend you or whatever the case may be. The more shares your posts get, the better and the more social platforms you take advantage of, the better. Engage – Getting readers to engage through your comments section is also important and you should always respond.

#9 Website Plugins

Website plugins can be a great tool to help you make sure your pages and posts are optimized. There are plenty of free tools out there which are very easy to use. Most of the plugins will have upgarded versions, as well. Of course it depends on your budget. “10 tips website optimization” list things that can all be done for free but there are some paid tools available if that is something you are ready for at this time.

#10 Optimize for Yahoo, Bing and Mobile

In recent years Google has dominated the web search business with it’s stronghold representing 75% or more of the searches performed but that landscape is changing. Yahoo is now the default browser for Firefox and it is likely that Yahoo and Bing are both after the spot that Google has held as the default search engine for the Safari browser, which is supposed to end in 2015.



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  1. Darren

    It certainly looks like you have covered all the key elements with regards to good SEO and keeping things friendly with the SERPs. Quality content is certainly the name of the game these days.

    I’m still not too sure about having to add content all the time with regards to ranking well, as each page of content is ranked on its own merits, not so much the site overall. I saw a recent video from one of the Google execs where he answered this question, and he basically said that you don’t have to constantly add content to achieve good site rankings. It was more an algorithm for news websites and the like that update virtually in real time. That way the search engines would be able to update their search content for breaking news stories in real time also. If it took weeks or months for a news story to get ranked in Google, then it would be way way out of date.

    This is a great post and a good reference for SEO.

    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Thanks for the feedback. I wish I had access to the video you mentioned. I am always trying to learn so that I can be sure I am passing on up to date a relevant infomation to my readers.

  2. Kaewebb1

    Hey man! nice site so far. You have things laid out very clearly & I found the information very easy to find. WA is AWESOME & you had me sold at FREE! I mean, why wouldn’t someone give it a try when it literally costs you nothing but some time. That is a very small price to pay to potentially change your life. Thanks for the info!

    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Very happy to hear that you found this helpful. I am excited about WA and that makes it easy to talk about. My real passion is finding ways to help others those discover what their true potential is. When I see someone happy about something I have shared it inspires me to keep sharing. Very grateful for your feedback!

  3. Riaz Shah

    Great tips you’ve laid out here Soc! I’m very curious about the backlink part, isn’t it a controversial thing in the online world? If I were to pay people to build backlinks for my website, wouldn’t that affect it negatively as Google tends to see link-building as spamming? I read somewhere that someone’s website went down in ranking after Google found out that he’s spamming backlinks to cheat his way to success.

    1. soc2661 (Post author)


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, I hope you can take something from this. I think there is definitely a line you can cross but I also think knows the difference in legit back links and spamming. I certainly don’t recommend that you pound multiple backlinks that make no sense into every post you write just to try and, as you say, “cheap your way to success. I also don’t think that Google will drop you way down if you are providing quality content and you have legit backlinks that serve the reader.

      I guess I could be wrong!


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