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Is There Really an Article Writer in You?

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Here is the Question, “Is There Really an Article Writer in You?” or Me?

I have always felt deep down that I was blessed with an almost outrageous amount of natural talent and sometimes I felt like I squandered it to a degree. But is there really an article writer in you and me?

The good news is I have come to understand that the old saying, “It’s never too late” is absolutely true.

I’m Stephen, the Owner and Founder of Online Business Tips and Tricks or OBTT (a name I have become fond of). This site is about building a business and most of the blog posts are speciifcally geared toward topics related to that. This particular post has many things about it which also related but it is a bit more personal.

I have another blog that I write, about building me, rather than building a business. Both are being put out there from the heart in a effort to connect to people and try to help people move forward and improve things that are important to them.

Over the years I have tought of and even called myself a modern day renaissance man. To be perfectly honest with you, the first time I said it, I probably wasn’t 100% sure what it meant but I liked the way sounded.

What did I mean when I said it?

I used to use the term renaissance man because I just seemed to be able to do so many things and to do them fairly well, enough to get the attention of those around me, at least.

“I have been drawing and painting since I was a very young child.
I taught myself how to sew years ago, I actually made my wife’s wedding dress. I can cook, build, fix and create… I’m not bragging because I fully understand and respect that it all comes through me it is not of me.”

Additional terminology I have used is, “an artist at heart” and that mostly came for the fact that I am and artist but not always a practicing or active one. For many years I was busy doing what I was conditioned by society, culture, parents and teachers to do and they took shape in the form of being entrenched in the daily grind, acquiring things, concerned with status, etc.

Can you relate to that? I would guess you can…

Over the years I had often thought that I would love to be a writer, although I have no real education other than having read books and developed an idea of what types of things I prefer to read and what styles I feel drawn to.

The writings I first shared with other people were all poems that seemed to just come to me at certain emotional times in my life. When I was a teen it would typically be when I had a crush and wanted to impress a girl. Later in life when our family experienced the trama of losing loved ones I would write poems about my feelings to get them out.

During those times it was almost like I could intuit what those close to me were feeling an include those things, too.

With today’s availability to learn how to be a writer and a self published author, it is certainly never too late! I am sitting here writing an article or blog post on a website I created myself an to date I have probably written about 40,000 words here and at least that many on my other site. Between the two that is as many words as an average novel.writers write

Now, the question remains as to how many people will read it… but writers, write… the rest is going to be what it’s going to be.

Are you wondering if you can become an article writer, a self published author a web content writer? Well, I say the answer is, “YES you can.” With the amount of help available on the internet today,  in a split second, you can access what you need to learn, the techincal stuff.

One of the things I have struggled with in the past but feel I have made progress on, is being open and honest, writing from the heart or from a particular personality, depending on what I am trying to communicate. Writing is a form of expression, sure there is structure and style to think about but that is not the message you want to share, that part should be invisible.


So where is the help I am talking about?

Check out “The Writing Podcast” , this episode is with Ally Bishop successful and generous author who is always giving back. You can visit her YouTube channel Upgrade Your Story for a huge library of helpful videos.

Carol Tice writes and amazing blog for freelance writers and gives away a free ebook. Yes, she offers some training products for sale and a mentor program, as well. I am not recommending any of the products because I have not used them, personally. However, I do enjoy her blog and always learn from my visits.

Jeff Goins also writes a blog with help on how to become a writer, as well as providing lots of tips in the online and marketing game that can help you once you do start writing. Again, Jeff has some programs you can buy but I have not yet tried them. I did pick up some great ebooks for free.

Chandler Bolt and his partner James Roper created “Self Publishing School” after becoming best selling authors with self published books they wrote. They have a video series you can go through to see what it is all about and if it may be for you.

Hayhouse publishing company also offers some free video training in addition to online course for beginning writers.

I’m sure I could go on listing things for hours that I have found and used absolutely free and I could tell you about some training and tools I have paid for during my time working to become a writer, an article writer, so to speak.

It is my hope that I will soon be writing to tell you how to become a book author, as well.

I’m not trying to sell you anything, I just wanted to share a little about my journey and maybe encourage you to go for it! I have a wealth of information to share so if you have questions, want to know where I got my start, need a mentor… just contact me and ask. You can also leave comments and questions here.

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