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What is the point of life online? I almost forgot this

What is the point of life?

Now that question probably hits us all at some point or another, although some of us just ignore it or pretend we already know. It is a bit more philosophical than what I typically write about in this blog. What is the point of life? A better question here is, “What is the point of MY life online?” What is the point of this and my other blogs?

If you read blogs or pay much attention to details you probably noticed I have not written or updated much here in quite a while. I have once again gotten busy with life, the demands on our schedule, the commitments, all the things I usually call the daily grind. This post is just some honest sharing about what has been going on in my head this morning.

Over the past few days, I had to pay renewals for the hosting of this blog and some of the other tools I use. Have you ever asked yourself why you have a particular bill? Sometimes it seems we do things with a certain intention and then down the line, “Why am I”? Whatever, your question might be, it’s there.

I have actually been asking lots of questions.

What is the point of life? Yes, that is one of them. Who am I, really? What is my purpose? What more am I supposed to be doing? I do have another blog where I share much of my process of self-discovery and the lessons I have learned. The part of my life that I share on this blog is very much intertwined with my other blog but I have really tried hard to keep them completely separate.

Today, when I started asking myself, why? or What is the point of life online? Why do I have these blogs? these bills? I began to reflect and get back to what my initial intent here was. The bottom line is the intent of this blog and the other, that I tried so hard to keep separate or actually the same.

I started this because I wanted to share, connect with and help other people.

My other blog is about my journey to become the best possible version of myself. Which means I have been doing a lot of soul-searching. I have learned to turn within and I have discovered much about myself doing so. Some of what I have discovered or gotten reacquainted with is my passion for creativity.

The thing is, a lot of that process may come across to an audience as spiritual or even religious but it is what started me on the path of what this blog is all about. My expression of some of my creativity comes out is this blog because I really enjoy the technical knowledge I pick up along the way. I like the design aspect of building a website, I great most of my own graphics.

Beyond all that, I want to connect with others and I want to help others in any way I can. The intent behind doing it online is that I can possible connect with and help people all over the world. I would not be able to do that in my town of 5000 people.

Why an online business?

As mentioned, I can reach a lot of souls online, which is awesome but if I don’t know how to get to the potential audience I am trying to help, what is the point of life online? The internet is an amazing network that links people from all corners of the earth. Do you want to know a secret? Well, it isn’t really a secret but I met my wonderful wife of 17 years on the internet and she was born and raised halfway around the world.

That was quite avant-garde, at the time!

What I am trying to say is, I saw the internet as a way to reach lots of people but that doesn’t just happen. You actually have to know some things about how it all works. Do you ever click through to the search results on the 27 page of results you get when you do a Google search? Anyone can write a blog but that doesn’t mean anyone, other than family and friends, will ever see it.

I had been scam before so I was a skeptic.

Years ago, I had taken a shot at learning internet marketing as a solution to being subject to the “daily grind” I mentioned earlier. I spent time and money that I didn’t really have but it never went anywhere. I did learn some things that actually helped me. Now I know what to avoid when I started looking for a way to do something with this message I wanted to share.

I first started with a FREE course offered but a very successful entrepreneur Jeremey ShoemakerIt was kind of cool because he did guide you through some technical knowledge of setting up a website and he actually paid you to complete the steps.

After a week or so I knew I wanted to keep going.

That desire led to my search for the help I needed to get things going.

I stumbled upon an ad or link to a website called Wealthy Affiliate University. Yes, I was still very skeptical but it said it was FREE for a limited time. Much to my surprise, they didn’t ask for a credit card, like most other FREE sites on the internet. So I signed up. It was full access for 7 days then I would have to decide.

I figured I would just learn as much as I could in 7 days and see what I thought at the end of the week. 

It didn’t take a week for me to see the value in the education available on the site. There is so much, world-class training, I couldn’t even put a price on it. However, it didn’t really matter what I cost, I couldn’t afford whatever it was. I just buckled down and learned as much as a could. When I started getting close to the end of the week and looked back, I could believe how much I had accomplished.

Wealthy Affiliate offered me the first month of a premium membership for less than $20.

With all I had done in one week, 4 more for under $20 was a no-brainer. So I signed up for premium. One of the real values that were clear right away is the community of like-minded people.

I had already made friends with people from all over the world. Everyone one of them was willing to help me succeed. Not only that, the guys that own Wealthy Affiliate were right there in live chat.

I started today with a question.

What is the point of life? My heart and soul tell me that the point is to help one another. To meet people in the place of need and to help them. To connect with others in love, compassion, and gratitude. In Wealthy Affiliate, I found a place I can do that and where there are others doing that for me.

On top of that, I learned what I needed to know to get two blogs up and running. To start an email list and build a social media network on several platforms. I learned how to get my posts on the first page of Google so the people I want to help will get the benefit of our connection.

The point of my life online is to reach out to people, no matter where they are, connect with them and help them in whatever way I can.

It would be my pleasure to connect with you and help you.