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Part Time Online Jobs for Students

Earlier this week I published an article on “How to Make Money Online for Students” and I wanted to talk more about what the possibilities are. Let’s discuss opportunities of the many part time online jobs for students.

Some of the challenges college students are schedule conflicts and jobs cutting into important social activities. What’s tough about that is, as a student, you have to do all that for minimum wage.

The Good News is, it is fairly easy to make over minimum wage working part time online.

Many of these jobs allow you to work whenever you want, which eliminates much of the scheduling conflict.

Freelance writing jobs allow you to log on and pick up job assignments. When you need a little extra cash, you are in control. You don’tmake money even have to be that fast to surpass what you would get at minimum wage.

Blogging is very popular and can also be a way to build an online business and generate an income stream. In and of itself blogging doesn’t always make you a great income but if you know how to put the pieces together it can be fun and financially rewarding.

There are many young people earning a pretty living by uploading videos to their own YouTube channel. They record themselves playing their favorite video game or just being goofy with friends.

Are you an internet geek? If you like creating websites or working with design elements the possibilities are endless. You could create lead capture pages and sell the services to other businesses. Designing graphics for bloggers or businesses could be a great income stream.

Building basics websites for local businesses and getting them ranked in local search results is not that hard to do. A profitable business could be right around the corner.

Get an education that pays for itselfAre you interested in any of the ideas mentioned above?

One of the things you have to be willing to do to make something like this happen is to actually give yourself a shot. It’s real easy to listen to parents and friends that think they are helping you. Sometimes people are anxious about taking a chance so it’s more comfortable for them if you don’t either.

I know from experience that it is all too easy to let others hold you back. Before you know it you have let go off all your ambition and merely settled for what easy or what is the norm. If have considered a part time job online, you owe it to yourself to look at the opportunities.

It can be as simple as making a list of PROS and CONS, to start with.


A little hard work goes a long way and this is something you can do. Take a look at my “Must Read” section on the top right or read my reviews. If your questions about making money online or need any help, please leave a comment or reach out through the contact link. I am always excited to help others learn and find opportunities like the ones that have changed my life and lives of my children.

If you want to yourself the chance you know you deserve and you want information on how and where you can learn, follow the link.