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Marketing your products and services is one of the keys to the success of any business. Would you argee?

Marketing your business is one of the ways you will get people to view your products. These comments hold true for any type of business be it online or a brick and motar shop. In Marketing Made Easy the we focus on how these things apply to and impact online businesses. Online businesses are attemping to get people to their website to view their products and services.

When we talk about marketing we are referring to what is done to promote the website and drive traffic to it, as well as, what is done to promote and display products and services on the website. We will break these things down and look at them in more detail and then we will spend some time talking about what I believe is even more important, which is the use of analytics.

There are many ways you might choose to go about marketing a website to get people to visit. You could start as simple as what I call, the new word of mouth”! What do I mean by that? For as far back as I can remember, in all the businesses I have been a part of, I was always told about the importants of the word of mouth aspect of marketing your business. (My background is in retail business management) When I say,  the new word of mouth” I am referring to the simple act of sharing on social media.

A quick post on Facebook, a Tweet on your Twitter account, Google +, PinterestLinkedIn

Some of these social media platforms also provide ways to scale through groups. (More on the specifics of Social Media marketing in a follow-up post) In addition to social media sharing there are several ways to promote or advertise a website, a product or a service online.

If you have a Facebook page for your business you can make the quick post referred to earlier and than you can “Boost” that post. Boosting a post is simply, paid advertising, for a Facebook post. You can choose the budget and the number of day and roll with a quick promo on Facebook. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, you can do a $5 total budget for 2 days. There are also ads available to promote your Facebook page which work slightly different than boosting a post. You can set a daily spending cap and the duration of the promotion.

You have seen the search result on Google, Yahoo and Bing where the websites at the top of the results and on the sidebar say “Ad”. These companies are paying for the advertising to have their sites listed in these prominent spots. It could be referred to as, “Prime Internet Real Estate”!

Google AdWords is responsible for a fairly large percentage of the advertising done on the web.

The program can definitely help you advertise your business and reach a target audience. You can choose where your ads appear and you can set a budget very similar to how it is done on Facebook. One of the advantages to Google is that your ads will appear on websites with similar or related content to your own.

Do you think if you are trying to promote a website where you offer baby clothes it would help to run an ad that will automatically show up on websites about raising a newborn or breast feeding? Whatever the case or the product and service Google Adwords will post your ads in optimum spots in order to target a particular audience.

There is more to how the advertising is placed based on “keywords” in a users search query. (Read more on keywords in my recent post on Website Otimization)

Obviously, there are many other companies that offer web advertisements that appear on websites and similarly target an audience based on content. Amazon is stepping up their game in the marketing arena, as a matter of fact, you will see some Amazon ads on this page and they are probably advertising internet marketing products to you right now.

Bing Ads faithfully advertises “Two is Better Than One” because their ads run on both Bing search pages and on Yahoo. Clearly they are trying to take some of the market share form Google AdWords.

When you go to Bing Ads they make sure that you get the message about how easy it is to import your Google AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads. The services, products, tools and features offered by Bing Ads fairly duplicate what you see available from Google Adwords.

My take on ad placement and website structure which helps to promote products but also keeps people coming back.

Have you ever heard the sarcatic way people refer to to a pushy sales person, common refrences as being like a “used car salesman”. People don’t use say that about a positive experience or someone they like. Some websites can tend to over whelm the reader with bad ad placement.

You don’t want your ads to seem like you a ramming something in the readers face. I typically try to place attractive ad boxes in the sidebar of a website, as not to be a distraction to the reader. If ads are placed in the body of the content on a page or post I would recommend they be placed at the end of the content.

Of course, this is all up to you and every publisher has their own unique ideas on design and structure. Just remember that one of the keys to success in promoting your online business is gaining trust with your readership and making their experience “comfortable” because you want them to come back, to recommend and to share your website. Obviously, if your website is designed as an eStore the way products and ads are displayed will be very different than a blog or article type design, for reader content.

In my opinion, formed after a reasonable amount of professional experience, the thing that many advertisers could do much better to improve their business is analyze the data and tweak their campaigns.

Are you aware that the President of the United States, no matter whether you like or dislike him, used interenet analytics in both his campaigns and he won, not once but twice.

Analytics allowed his team to know what the voters wanted, where they wanted it and how they wanted it and he gave it to them. Have you ever wondered how well your marketing promotions have been performing? Have you ever wondered if the Facebook posts are producing new visitors? Or if the content you are writing is getting people to Opt In to your newsletter or mailing list? Or how the readers you do bring to posts are interacting with the other posts and content on your website?

Analytics answers those questions for you!

Google Analytics is once again the leader of the pack.

Which makes perfect sense since they currently dominate the search queries done on the web. Google has more data on what people are searching for, what people want and where they are looking. They can even tell you what time of the day they want it and what tyoe of device they use most often to look for a certain product.

Ten or fifteen years ago when you were advertising in newspaper, on TV and Radio, you had some statics on what demographic you were aiming your advertising to but that didn’t answer these questions. Nothing was really predictable, not like it is in todays “internet connected” world.

You have heard that, “BIG BROTHER” is watching right? Did you think it was just the government? Do you know that a credit card company can predict when a couple is getting a divorce, by the change in their spending habits. There is so much data avaiable we don’t know what to do with it.

Yes, there is data and there are reports form all of the advertising companies out there. Can you see how beneficial it will be to know exactly who is looking for your products, how they are looking for it, when they are looking for it?

What about how your readers are interacting on your website, who opts in and who doesn’t, how many time a specific post or page is viewed after entering your site on a different post. The amount of data you can dig into is really mind boggling and to many probably a little intimidating. Maybe that is the reason it is not taken advantage of as much as it could be, to improve online businesses. The good knews is the information is there for you at no cost.

I hope that this information has helped you. I understand that there is a good chance you have questions and I would be happy to help in any way I can, so drop me a line in the comment section below. I also know that there is much more to this that I am not able to cover in one article, please look around, there may be more in another post. I have tried to make it easy to navigate and find what you need.

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