Manage Social Media in One Place

Manage Social Media in One Place

Manage Social Media in One Place


I now reccomend MassPlanner in addition to these other apps listed below. The features, I think, are the best of all of these apps, however, the app is a desktop app and not web based on a server. There is the option to install it on VM if you are so inclined.

I really like the result I get with it, even using the desktop app but if you want it to run 24/7, which I do, you have to stay connected all the time. Good news is it will restart itself after having a break in the connection.

A look and Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Bufferapp and more

I have posted preious on Social Media and if you have been around the online business world even a little, you have to have realized the power of social media. Being able to “Manage Social Media in One Place” can be big. You can actually see a good success in your online business endeavors through social media and not have to spend a dime.

Of course, if you have a budget, paid advertising on social media platforms can be very beneficial, as well. As we all know a great deal of how well an online business does has to do with sheer numbers. How many visitors do you have, how many of those are returning visitor or regular visitors.


social iconsSee OBTT Social Media Marketing Guide

As in any sales game a certain percentage will buy or convert, so the more you are able to get in front of or present to, the more comversions you will end up with. I have been active on social media for almost 10 years now, so when I decided to start the website, it was only natural that I would use my social media accounts to get my message out.

The more involved I got the harder it became to keep up. In a conversation with my younger siter I learned about social media management platforms so I did some homework. Since I made my decision to begin using a management platform I have been very happy with it but I try to stay as up-to-date as possible on all aspects of this business, not only for me by because my business is helping other businesses.

I cam across this article today and thought it worth sharing.

How to manage your social media networks in less time |

The easy access and availability of social media networks allows entrepreneurs to build highly successful businesses with little or no marketing budget. On the flip side it can be a giant road block to success if you get stuck in the traffic jam at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other platforms.

You may log on intending to spend thirty minutes and before you know it several hours have passed and you haven’t accomplished a thing.

One way to save time when you manage multiple social media accounts is to use programs that allow you to manage them from one dashboard. This eliminates jumping from one account to another and logging in to each separately. Here are a few apps that allow you to manage multiple social media platforms.







These apps vary in the services they offer and price. When considering the price, compare the subscription cost to the value of your time. When you put a dollar figure on the time you spend in the social media traffic jam, you may be surprised at how much money the app will save you.

Some of these apps help you manage multiple social media networks in one dashboard. Others allow you to analyze your social media marketing efforts so you can tweak your activities for optimal results. Using any of these apps will help you save time, increase productivity and get more work done faster on all your social media accounts.

If you want to schedule posts, track results of marketing efforts, and look at analytics, you don’t have to sign on to each account separately. Jumping back and forth can take more time than necessary to get your work done.Try out a few of these apps to see what works best for you.

Most offer a free trial period. Some of them are good for handling multiple social media networks at once, and others will only manage a few networks. What you need will depend on what you are using social media for.


However, any of them will definitely save you time that you can then use on revenue generating activities. No more getting sucked into reading inspirational quotes and watching cute kid videos!

If you find that you are still spending too much of your valuable time on social media, consider outsourcing this task to a social media manager or assistant. What is the difference between a social media manager and a social media VA (virtual assistant)?

A social media manager takes care of the big picture with minimal input from you, other than the goals and end results you want to achieve (overall and for your campaigns)

A social media VA performs social-media related tasks delegated by you or by your social media managerLearn more about it here.

Avoiding the mental traffic jam in social media marketing is simply a matter of finding the right app to manage all your networks in one dashboard. Do you have a favorite app for social media management? Share it with us in the comments!

Source: How to manage your social media networks in less time |

Are any of these programs right for you at this time?

I share this information in an effort to communicate up to date tools and techinques that are helping online business owners be successful and saving time, as mentioned in the article, does help make you more money. Whether they are right for you at this particular time in your business is for you to determine. I like things that I can try for free and make a decision after I get to touch and feel the product.

You won’t buy a car without a test drive would you? I know I never have.

I have to say that I don’t know much about the programs or platforms mentioned in the article except for Hootsuite because I use it myself. There is a FREE 30 day trial which is plenty enough time to realize the huge benefit to having everything on one dashboard. As a matter of fact, when I finish this post, I’ll go straight to my dashboard and post it across several social media accounts at one time.

I would have signed up for Hootsuite anyway, based on the experience of a trusted family member but you don’t always have that. They still meet my first criteria for referring my readers, “you get to test drive the product/service.” The plans start at $14.99/month with some add ons and upgrades available from there.

SproutSocial also gives you a FREE 30 day trial and they appear to have a good platform and lots of features. The packages start at $59/month and go all the way up to around $500 for a large business.

Bufferapp offers a trial membership or account which is FREE for life but it very limited. You can use it on one platform and only have 10 scheduled posts at a time. This, obviously, wouldn’t be huge benefit but it does give you a chance t use the platform and see how you like it. They also have a plan for $10/month called the “Awesome” and that gives you about ten times as much, with additional plans going up from there.

Pagemodo also has a free trial which I just signed up for while doing this research and maybe I missed something but I only see the ability to connect to Facebook profiles and pages. The prices range from $5/month to $24/month, so I guess that isn’t so bad. I really like being able to do all my stuff on one dashboard, though.

HubSpot seems to be popular but to tell you the truth I got the impression it was something bigger than what I was looking for. It may be great but somehow it turned me off right away. I guess from what I saw it kinda appeared to be out of my league and I hate to say that but I am trying to be straight. I guess I’ll have to go give it a real shot and update this when I do.

Bottom line is:

NEW LEADERS is MassPlanner

#1 I would rate Hootsuite an A for functionality and overall value.

#2 I give SproutSocial a B – I like the product but starting at $59 the value isn’t as good.

#3 PageMoto a C for ease of use but limited social platforms.

I hope this infomation was helpful to you and I hope you come back to see me. Please leave any comments and questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to Opt In below, as well.

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PS – If you are interested in a complete package to help you build a business and create freedom for yourself and your family check out my honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate plaform. The community aspect adds a value unmatched anywhere on the web. The training is world class and it too meets my criteria mentioned above, you can try it FREE!


  1. Olivia

    Hi Stephen,
    I just read this article about “How to manage Social Media in one place” and I think that not only your website but this article is also very informative and to the point.
    I have been thinking to get Social Media Manager for marketing campaigns and now that I came across your great information most of my doubts have dissipated. However, I still have 2 question that I’d like to ask you please:

    1.- How big in terms of website development do I need to be to sign with any of this companies? or when should anyone start using this resources after the first publication on the site?.
    I understand that one of the main signals for us to start outsourcing whould be when we are getting busy and we need to use time and sources more proactively. However, you have said that some programs actually help you determine the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and then you can tweak it for better results… then is when I think that these sources are of great benefit at any time not just for helping with the workload but to manage a more accurate publicity, is that correct?

    2- Is Hootsuite a social manager or a virtual assistant? I want a complete program that will help me to see where I need to tweak my publicity for better results and one platform that works pretty much with all SM (FB, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and linkin)

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Hey Olivia,

      Thanks for stopping by. I think you can start anytime once you are publishing on a regular schedule. When you complete a new article or post you can log in to Hoorsuite or whichever platform you choose and share that post across all your social media at once. Sometimes you will find that your social media post get more traction at a particualr time of day, so you can schedule the post to go out accordingly. You can schedule it to go to one platform, say Facebook, at one time and to go to Twitter later.

      I like Hootsuite and they do have some analytic tools that are an additional expense to the standard plan, which is limited in the number of reports you can create. You can, however do lots of testing yourself and track your analytics at your site to see what is working best. I hope this has been helpful and hope to see you back soon.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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