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How to Make Money Online for Students

How to make money online for students

Ok you got me… It has been a long time since I was a college student.

I am sure you can tell that from the picture. That does not mean I forgot what it was like. Or that how to make money online for students is not a priority for me. Sure times have changed a little and the truth is I have two children that have been through college and two more in college, now. This being the case it has been a focus of mine to stay up to date and to be able to give them good advice.

Guess what? I have 3 more at home that will eventually be college students, as well.

So, the better I get at making it easier for them to learn how to make money online, the less it cost me to get them where the are going. Obviously, I am going to do whatever I can do for all of them, but they are great kids and they want to learn and be able to help financially.

As I said, “I have not forgotten everything since I was in college”. Much of the college life is very similar although the opportunities now seem to be much greater than they were back then. When I was a college student trying to earn some extra money, the options were pretty much limited to a part time job.

Why a part time job probably won’t work

Let’s face it there are a few “issues” to having to get a part time job while in college.

Time Management

Time management just for keeping up with a class schedule was plenty for me back then. On top of that, you probably have somealarm clock activities that are important to and your friends. My friends had jobs and I had a job. This meant we always had different schedules to deal with for class and for work.

Don’t even get me started about how crazy it was during finals week.

Yes, I am a parent, now and my priorties have changed since my college days but college is not just about classes and grades. You gotta have the college experience. You need to have some fun. Just remember to be safe!

Bottom line, learning how to make money online during college will reveal possibilities for much more flexibility in your schedule.

Scheduling Conflicts

This, kind of, goes along with time management and the truth is your part time job opportunities can be severely limited due to scheduling conflicts with school. Especially, if you are carrying a full load. Hours that are available will have to be after a day of class. Also, you most consider, many employers are going to want you to work late hours and overtime when their businesses are busy.

Late hours at work make it hard to get in the study time you need, not to mention, make it really tough getting up for early classes. You probably want to unwind a bit after work, before you crash. A couple rounds on your favorite video game, catching up on social media and what’s going on. Let’s face it, picking up a few tips on how to make money online instead of having a part time job could be great for you and your friends.

Schedule flexibilty is a huge factor but not only does it give you that, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and you and your friends can learn together.

Let’s be Socialcollege social life

Your social life while you are in college is really what the “College Experience” is all about, right? What adult do you know that doesn’t still tell stories from the “College Experience”. The memories you make in college will be with you much longer than any lecture you ever attend or any paper write.

“Coming of Age”, we all know that phrase and you probably entered that stage of your life a few years back. The phrase has been used to refer to a person’s transition in life, a transition from childhood to adulthood. For some, it can be a challenging time. Being in college and being part of a social group, going through it together, can create som amazing bonds and friendships that stand the test of time.

You need time to be social, to hang out, to have a beer, go to a party…

What is Minimum Wage?

Well, whatever it is where you happen to be, IT’S NOT ENOUGH!

The truth is, there are college students working part time jobs for minimum wage all over the place. They are trying to make a little extra money but also dealing with all the crap I just talked about above.

Do you want a part time job, for mimimum wage, along with the time management challenges, schedule conflicts and lack of a soclal life to be your college memories? Heck no, you don’t. I can tell you for sure that hasn’t changed since I was in college.

What has changed is the opportunity.

The birth of the internet has changed the world as we know it, in more ways then I can mention. In addition, it has created an environment where entrepreneurs are having success at a much higher rate. Higher than any other time in history. There is a huge opportunity to learn how to make money online while still getting a degree.

Many students are already experiencing the success of making money online and they are some of the best at making it happen. If you haven’t noticed, Facebook is pretty darn popular. When did Mark Zuckerburg start? The millionaires of the world are getting younger and younger.

I am not promising you millions but it is easier to make more than minimum wage online than it is in the work place, for college students. I do know how to create a successful online business and I can help you find out how to make money online as a student.

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