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5 Ways Building a Business is Like Joining a Gym

If you are like most people you have at one time or another joined a gym. Maybe you signed up with a friend and started together, maybe you just decided you had put it off long enough. Joining a gym, for some, is almost like a ritual they do over and over.

Then again you could be one of us, that joins the gym, does great for a while and then breaks the routine for some reason and now months have gone by since you visited. If that’s you, I get it, you rpobably still pay for the gym membership because you know you should be going and you intend to get back to it.

Gyms actually count on this aspect human nature.


The example of the gym comes to mind and I figured plenty of people would relate. The truth is there are lots of things in life that are similar and tend to follow the same type of cycle.

Start a business, especially and online business is something many people think about and lots of people act on. If we were able to track this people that start and quit like a company tracks turnover rates the picture would not be a pretty one.

Come to think of it I am sure there are stats available on the web and I have seen a few. It is highly likely that of the 175 million or so blogs on the web over 35% of those would be considered abandoned. That’s a lot of blogs started and then let go.

1. In the beginning, of most endeavors, there is an excitement about starting something new. That excitement usually carries you through for a good while. Sure, that excitement may come with anxiety for some people. We all like learn and figuring things out, we all like the challenge of seeing if we can do it. Building a business is certainly a challenge but it’s one most of us get into with a high level of excitement. Just like when we start working out and we can see and feel positive changes.

2. Hard work is a common factor in a successful workout program and also in starting a business. We judge our performance by the results but make no mistake, building a business from the ground up takes hard work, dedication and drive. If you have spent time in a gym trying to improve your fitness level and physique, you can attest to how hard you worked.

3. Monotony is something that can creep up on you without you even noticing it’s coming. You just begin to realize, one day, that the excitement you once felt about your endeavor is getting to be a bit more of a chore. It is said that a set routine can be good to get going and keep you on track, but that runs opposite the fun and challenge we’ve talked about.

4. Plateaus are a very common occurrence in fitness training and in building a business. Hard work in the gym can bring quick results when you start out, especially if you were inactive prior to it. However, after some time it gets harder to see the small changes you are making. It gets harder to lose or gain a pound. Similarly in business, you will hit points where the rapid changes you was saw now seem to be fewer and further apart.

5. Reward is a positive aspect that can make all the hard work worth while. Let’s be honest, it’s not all bad, working out will give you more energy than if stayed in the bed an extra couple hours. Building a business can give you a sense of accomplishment that you rarely get from working for someone else.

One of the things I have come to realize about the workout programs I have started and then stopped and then started again, is that woring out with a partner or friend, helps. Feeling responsible to be there for them helps hold you accountable. Having someone to share the experience with brings positive feelings.

The truth is, sometimes when it comes to doing something big and doing it well, you just need a little help.

One of the things I pride myself on is helping others, the way I judge my success is by how many people I have helped to succeed.

In my ebdeavor to help people and to build a dream I discovered a platform for online business training that is world class. The best thing about it, in my humble opinion, is the community aspect of it. People helping people, 24/7, sharing experiences, opinions and advice.

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