John Chow Scam

John Chow Scam

This blog post has some out of date information. 

Have you heard of John  Chow?

If you haven’t you must be really new to the online business world.

In “John Chow Scam” OBTT is going to tell you straight, what our research has revealed about “Blogging with John Chow”!

Name: “Blogging with John Chow”


Owner: John Chow
Type: Online Business Training
OBTT Overall Rating: 91 of 100

Blogging with John Chow details step-by-step how I created a blog that went from zero to over $40,000 a month in only two short years, and how you can do the same.

The product came about when I was thinking of updating my best selling eBook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com, which you should have a copy of.

While much of the content in that eBook is still valid, a lot has also changed. Blogging with John Chow brings everything completely up to date and adds my proven 4-step formula to successful blogging.

If you are interested in building a blog, building and online business or learning about John  Chow and his products, chances are you have done some poking around. That is usually always how I start out when I see something that intrigues me. This case is no different, I discovered John Chow in a Youtube video where he was giving a presentation on his blogging. I decided I should look into this blogger a bit further after hearing some of the claims he made and seeing the respect he gets.

The video I am referring to can be seen at this link: “Zero to $200,000 in One Month”

The information in the above 3 paragraphs starting with “Blogging with John Chow” actually comes right from one of his pages. John obviously has a great deal of experience and has a lot to teach us. Sometimes you can learn a few of his tricks quickly by simply “poking around” as I eluded to earlier. The particular page I took that from is a page where he is offering you the course for FREE. That’s right the entire bundle which he says is valued at $181 is your FREE if you just do a few things.

  • Frist you enroll in his email list for a newsletter
  • Second you go to your email inbox and confirm your email address and enrollment
  • Third you buy a different product he is offering in partnership with another online business mogul

How’s that for a new insight on how to make money online?

You offer one of your most successful products for FREE to build your list and introduce a newer product. I think it is pretty smart and is probably working well for them both. In the process of getting you to enroll it is sold to you as an application process, insinuating that only the chosen ones get in. I have no knowledge of how many or allowed in or if there is an actual application process but my guess is it is merely a spin on the sales pitch. John Chow and Matt Lloyd created and offer the program, “My Top Tier Business” dot com, together. If you search that you will find that all you can see without being accepted is the login page.

I have also discovered, through the poking around, that John  Chow likes to offer his product through ClickBank but I was unable to find this one. I cannot say for certain it isn’t there, just that I was not able to find it.

Sorry I seem to have gotten a bit off track from telling you about “Blogging with John  Chow”

Let me first say, “John Chow is an amazing guy and there is absolutely no doubt that he has produced really results through his blog”. In John’s own words, “I’m John Chow typically known as the blogger that makes money online telling people how I make money online.”

  • John is ranked #1 on the Top 50 Canadian Marketing blogs ranking
  • In 2012 John was ranked #4 by Impact Radius (#3 Jeremy Schoemaker who’s product I also reviewed here)
  • John is the receipient of the AFFY Award at the Affiliate Summit
  • John Chow is also the subject of a documentary

So as you can see John Chow is a bit of a celebrity in the world of internet marketing. However, that isn’t really what you came here to find out. Is it?

Is Blogging with John Chow worth what you will pay for it?

In my personal opinion the program you will get for $37 is worth every penny of that small investment. You will find that there are add-ons or upsell items as part of the prgram. The first of which is $47 and the second $97 but there is a special offer to get the second for $1 for a limited time, or at least there was.

What you will get:

  • Multiple Modules on getting started, including the basics of set up a website from domain registry to hosting
  • Introduction to WordPress and and how to set up your blog complete with plugin recommendations
  • A world of information straight from a proven master are building content for your blog
  • Information on ways to build your mailing list and add daily readers
  • Tips on search engine optimization

The few things I found that I was slightly disappointed in was the lack of content in the program about driving traffic to your blog. John has been said at times to have in access of 200,000 daily readers and a little more sharing on that particular topic was expected.

I have read from other that the support was good but I find the entire interface for submitting something to support to be a little hard to navigate. The instruction page I read didn’t match the actual page or process after the first click. Maybe it was a recent upgrade to the sight or just me. All in all a fine training program but not #1 in the opinion of your trusted resource here at OBTT. Get “Blogging with John Chow”

As always I would love to hear your thoughts or entertain any questions so please use the comment section.

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