Jeremy Schoemaker The ShoeMoney Network

Jeremy Schoemaker The ShoeMoney Network

Jeremy Schoemaker The ShoeMoney Network

Name: The ShoeMoney Network


Owner: Jemery Schoemaker

Type: Online business training

OBTT Overall Rating: 93 of 100

The truth is I have been interested in online money making opportunities for a long time. I did quite a bit of work several years ago trying to learn and get a start. I paid for things that were supposed to help. Most of them just hinted about what you should do and offered to sell you something else. Jeremy Schoemaker The Shoemoney Network is very different.

Plenty of the stuff you come across are just out right scams. I got so frustrated with it, I just let it go. I am currently on a journey to become the best version of myself and I see a big part of that as helping other people to do the same. There are some great opportunities for me to help others become better versions of themselves but most still cost something.

So I decided to start looking around online again for opportunities. I ran across an internet millionaire,

Jeremy Schoemaker The Shoemoney Network

Jeremy Schoemaker The Shoemoney Network, who was referred by someone in a Facebook group I joined. I watched his video where he said he was frustrated that he had sold many “how to make money online” products and even though the content was good very few people every logged in and did anything.

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So he claimed not only would this be FREE but he would pay you for accomplished tasks. I signed up because I was curious to see what his angle was more than anything else.  The first task was drop dead simple and I  received a dollar deposit in my paypal account instantly but I never paid him anything.  


Then I continued and went through the course now setting up my website.  Then installing a theme, then installing plugins, etc etc.  By the end of the 2nd level he sent me $3.  The course continued and I was glued.

Jeremy not only walks you through setting up everything step by step (and paying you as you accomplish the tasks), but also makes it fun, awarding you belts like a karate system.
The Shoemoney Network with Jeremy Schoemaker

The money was fun and kept me going

Better yet, at the end of the training I had a great blog with all the key plugins.  A decked out facebook page and a email newsletter. I’m sure I could have figured all this stuff out eventually but Jeremy makes it easy and you are actually producing something of value as you work through the training.

After a realtively short amount of time, compare to the many hours spent spinning my wheels previous, I was paid $15.00 and had a new blog up and running and additional Facebook business page and an email program. I am very excited to press on and I feel like I actually have a chance to make a real run at this thing. I definitely recommend this training program to anyone that has ever considered giving this internet business idea a shot.

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