How to Create Quality Content

How to Create Quality Content

How to Create Quality Content – Let’s Talk About it

Have you heard the phrase, “Content is King”?

If you have been around the online marketing business or  blogging business, at all, you probably have heard that content is king. Is it true? That’s what really matters, right? Well OBTT is here to tell you that it is definitely true. Unfortunately, that doesn’t answer the questions of, “How to create quality content” or “How to write quality Content”.

We will definitely get to that but let’s not change the subject quite so fast. For many years the internet marketing business has been a huge source of income for a few of the very best, while also being a failing venture for many. It is hard to find any real statics on how many online business startups fail but I have read in several places that it is a relatively failure rate. It’s kind of scary, right?

There could be a vast array of reasons why people fail at internet marketing businesses.

So, why do you think so many people fail at this?  Not understanding how to create quality content is, without a doubt, a contributing factor.

I have read the number to be north of 90% for all internet startups on at least 15 blogs and/or websites but have not been able to find much in the ways of sources on this data. I did find one post stating that a study by Allmand Law found that more than 90% of all tech startups fail. That got me wondering just who Allmand Law is, OBTT doesn’t like writing things that appear to be supported facts without actually being able to support the facts.

Afterall we are striving daily to be your trusted source on the web.

Just how much trust would we foster with our readers by, forgive the expression, blowing smoke up your butt. What I did find out is that Allmand Law is a bankruptcy firm out of Dallas, TX. Being a large bankruptcy firm does lend some credibility to their knowledge and statistics of failing businesses.

Now for the question at hand – How to create quality content?

Know your audience – You have to understand your readers and what they are looking for in order to give them what they want. Many people that get into an online business do so as an affiliate or they start out in some online training and get steered toward trying to promote the business that is training them.

You can’t give an audience of internet marketing people what they want if you just started in the business last month.

Maybe you can if you are dedicating a lot of time and doing your homework but it’s not an easy thing. The recommendation would be to find a niche you know a lot about and have some passion for, that way you can speak on the subject and do so from the heart.

Be an educated writer – No you don’t have to have a degree but you can practice some things that will help you become a better writer. One of those things is to be a reader, read every day and read a wide variety of literature, books, articles, blogs, reviews. In addition to reading you should work to expand your vocabulary.

Make it a point to learn several new words a week and practice using them. I have heard in several places that you should not worry about being perfect, you should just write. I agree with that to a degree but I think it is important to have a basic understanding of proper grammer. Some readers will become distracted by too many errors.

Focus on what you are giving – To build a blog or website that people will return to, talk about and share with others you have to provide them with something of value. Figure out what that is for your particular subject or niche and focus content training videoon what you are providing.

What you are doing to help others is going to be the key to building quality content on a consistent and long term basis. You shouldn’t be worried about what your selling, that is not the focus of quality content.

Organize your thoughts and stay on point – I think it is a great practice to write a basic outline for what you want to cover and use that to stay organized as you write.

It is real easy to get going and then find you got things a bit out of order or even got completely off track. This can and does happen and it can be fixed but the outline usually helps. I was writing this article and started to veer into another subject that a realized when checking my outline. So I cut those paragraphs out and will use that in another post.

Use keywords wisely, not belligerently – It is a mistake to think that packing in keywords any way you can is a good practice. You are not writing for the search engines you are writing for people. Yes, keyword use is important to your ranking thus important to your success but keywords are really another aspect of your success and are not really part of the quality content.

The use of keyword tools and good keyword research techiques can be a great way to come up with content ideas. Once the research is done and you have decided on keywords it is your job to write around the keywords, to build quality content to serves your reader with the keywords sort of mingling with quality content.

I hope that this helps you in some way and I hope you will take a few moments to look around. As always OBTT welcomes all comments and questions and would love to hear from you.

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  1. Tim

    Nice article and some good advice.

    I do question those stats in relation to Internet marketing however. I do respect that you acknowledge this in your post though, that the number is a guess somewhat.

    I’m not sure if you were saying that percentage was for Internet marketing businesses or not though. That number might definitely be true for ‘tech start-ups’ but does Internet marketing really fall under the same category?

    Tech start-ups are more businesses that have an idea and pitch that idea to venture capitalists. These kind of failure rates are much better documented since business names were registered, finance has been applied for, patents lodged etc etc.

    I think it could be very hard to gauge that number for people giving Internet marketing a go and then quitting, the two statistics could be very different in my opinion. Maybe higher, maybe lower.

    could be wrong though but that is my take on that percentage.

    The truth is that no matter what business you decide to get into there are large failure rates. It is generally always skewed on the side of failure in any start-up, that is just the way it is.

    The key to success is what effort you are willing to put in and what you are going to MAKE happen. Success and failure rates are irrelevant if you have the right mindset for success and strive to reach your goals no matter what.

    Anyway regardless of that you do make a good point. Writing good contetn is critical for anyone to succeed. By focussing on delivering value to your readers you will have a much greater chance of success as oppose to someone that has their mind on the money all day every day and what is in it for them. You need to be thinking about your readers.

    Some really good points in your article. Thanks for sharing.


    1. soc2661 (Post author)

      Thanks for the thoughts on the article Tim. I really tried to research the available data on the failure rate for internet marketing, affiliate marketing and blogging. I couldn’t come up with anyhting to support any, actual percentages. The only things I saw were other blogs with no sources mentioned, so I was skepitical to quote that. Now that I am rethinking I will probably rewrite that section of the article.

      I am not sure it is relevant to the main theme of the article to begin with.

      Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it!


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