Good Keyword Search

Good Keyword Search


To find good keywords you have to practice good keyword search techniques!

A good keyword tool can be one of paramount importance in the success of any online business endeavor. Sure, there are many other things that play a part in the prosperity and maturation of a web based business. Even the best keyword tool won’t ensure the success of your website because, let’s face it, what you get out, in great measure, depends on what you put in.

Are you thinking, “What do I have to buy now”?

The truth is there are more keyword tools for you to spend money than I care to talk about. I’ll mention a few in case that is what you are looking for at this stage in your business development. However, I would like to focus on a few selected tichniques that you can use without spending a dime.

Google provides several tools that are free to use and in my book, some of the best keyword research tools within reach.

Google Adwords – Keyword Planner: Although keyword planner is mainly geared toward customers advertising on Google it still has useful features. All the data comes from Google and Google is the one who brings home the bacon, so to speak, with more than 60% of all search queries.

Keyword planner has changed but still has data worth looking at when trying to tweak your content for good SEO results through keywords. You can see what the top performing keywords are and get data on the number of searches being done.

Have you been discouraged by the keyword “not provided” message in Google Analytics?

There is a way to get the information you are use to seeing on keywords but there is a, round about way, to get there. There are three useful reports in the “acquisitions” section of your property dashboard, under search engine optimization.

  • Queries
  • Landing Pages
  • Geographical Summary

You may have to make some adjustments in account settings to gain access to the report, such as linking the analytics account with Web Master tools or with Search Console.

Google Instant is a brilliant way to find good keywords!

Any user can simply go to Google search and use it to do a good keyword search that will yeild a wealth of information and ideas. I know you have all seen the “suggested search terms” many of which would be considered “long tail keywords”. The great thing about this is that Google is giving you the keywords searchers are using to find what they need, almost in real time.goolge suggest

You can start your search and then make a list of the ideas you get from Google. Any suggested variation can be chosen and go through the same process with it. I was taught a technique by Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate that he calls “Alaphabet Soup”, where you put in a word or letter  and see what comes up.

For Example you would add an “A” somewhere in the phrase, as you can see in the image, then you replace the “A” with a “B” and so on. It is amazing how many keywords and good keyword ideas you come up with.

If you are interested I will provide a link to the training video Kyle did that goes into much more detail on his “Alphabet Soup” technique. The use of tools that Google gives you access to will definitely get you started and I can attest to the fact that I have gotten pages and post ranked on the first and second page of Google without spending a dime on the best keyword research tool.

Oh! I almost forgot Kyle’s Alphabet Soup Training. Here you go!

What you really need to understand about using Google Instant in place of a goog keyword tool.

Google 703 milAs mentioned you can use Google at no cost to your business but that does not do the work for you that the best keyword research tool does. When you do a search in Google the way most people use Google, by just typing in the query, Google is going to return what it’s bots deem “all relevant” results. Do you ever wonder how the keyword you chose could possible have 703,000,000 websites listed in the search results? That “all relevant” thing is the reason.

If you look at the results, many of the websites listed don’t have the exact keyword phrase in the title or anywhere in the description. To find the Google results for the exact keyword phrase you need to place it in quotation marks in your search query.

Let’s take a look at exactly what I am telling you about Google search results. Take note of the image to the left showing the millions of websites I referred to a moment ago. What does this tell you? Well, if you don’t understand how Google works, this tells you not to waste your time with this keyword. google 1

So why does my good keyword tool tell me the total opposite?

If you want to get results of websites using the exact keyword you are researching you have to use quotation marks around the word or phrase.

In this particular example that drops the results dramatically, when I say dramatically I’m talking 703,000,000 less results return. The number is now 1 result but this is a rare example. Typically, you would still get a misleading good keyword searchnumber at this point, on the first several pages of Google. Let me see if I can find a better one. Here you go “Good Keyword Search”.

6530 results is what Google tells you on the first page.

This part I cannot really explain very well but I can show you and you can do it yourself and see it.

If we scroll to the bottom of page one search results and navigate to the last page of th search results the numbers will change. The real number in this search for websites with the exact keyword I am researching is 184, yes that’s correct 184! That number does much the result it my good keyword tool, as you can see in the image to left.good keyword actual

Knowing what to do to get the true result took us from 118 million to 184!

Seed Keywords is an interesting tool from a UK marketing company that I have used for FREE.

It allows you to build a list of keywords by engaging people in the process. Basically, you pose a question and then invite people to participate. For instance, you might ask, “If you wanted to learn how to change a hard drive in your PC, how would you search for that?” Your group would answer the question by going to the provided URL and Seed Keywords compiles a downloadable list.

This list can be used in conjunction with Google as just described. Even using the best keyword tool will give you very similar results. This process does include several steps to get to the answer. Depending on the volume of keyword research your business requires and investment in a good keyword search tool may be well worth it.

FREE is fabulous but isn’t always enough.

As I mentioned earlier there are lots of good keyword tools on the market and I do have a favorite that you can try absolutely FREE, but lets take a look at a few that are popular.

SERPWoo SEO suite includes a “Keyword Finder” that was orginally developed as a rank tracker. It  allows you enter a keyword phrase and then uses and extraction process to pull out “long tail keywords” from the top ranking website that match the phrase.  The pricing is tiered , ranging from $25 to $200 a month depend on the volume of usage that your business requires.

Keyword Tool is another of the tools you will see advertised for FREE. Like many other things in this industry you will quickly be offered an upgrade to Keyword Tool Pro. You are able to start a keyword search but then you are only given limited results and told if you need the remaining information you will have to upgrade for a price. The 3 packages offered range in price from $48 to $88. This tool does offer results based on several sources, such as, Google, YouTube, etc.

Keyword Discovery is another site that offers you FREE access and once inside they provide FREE training videos on how to use their tools and you do get some access for free. As you use the tools you are prompted to subscribe to Keyword Discovery. They offer three packages, as well. The first is $29.95 a month and then there is one for $199 and one for $495. I do not have a lot of experience with the tools but they do have a decent amount of training and lots of features.

My Personal Preference

 is the keyword tool that is provided as part of an entire package inside the platform that I use to build my sites, host my sites, and study and learn about everything it takes to build a successful online business. I realize this is not what we have been discussing throughout this post but if you are interested in taking a look you can see my post Wealthy Affiliate Scam or? here on OBTT.

If you want to take a quick look at the keyword tool inside Wealthy Affiliate, watch the video below.

You may notice in the bottom left corner of the screen in the video there is a link to Jaaxy. This is another good keyword tool outside of Wealthy Affiliate. The link is there because the owners of Wealthy Affiliate also own Jaxxy. I really like the Jaaxy keyword tool and have used it in addition to the keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy does also have a FREE sign up where you can use the tool and some of it’s features but you are limited to 30 keyword searches and then you have upgrade.


As you can see in the comparison chart, after you use up your FREE searches you can sign up for Jaaxy Pro for $19 a month. In addition you have a third option here, depending on the volume of search required by your business.

I really hope you have found this post helpful in some small way and I hope you come.

As always, I would love to hear from you so please use the comment section below and don’t forget to “Opt In” so we can keep in touch.

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  1. Renee Townsend

    I remember reading about the Page X of X results. However, I could never figure out how to get it. I’ve just been relying on the number at the top of the page without going to the last page. Would you happen to know why the first page number and the Page X of X results is different? Thanks, Stephen!

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Hi Renee,

      So glad you stopped by. When Google returns that huge number it is the number of pages that Google sees as having relevant information to your search query. If you want the result of how many pages have the exact “keyword” you search you have to follow that process to get to the last page of the results.

      Hope that is helpful to you. Please come back!


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