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Get Started Online – Wow that can seem like an absolutely, monumental task!

Especially if you have tried in the past.

How many millions of people, of the 7 billion using the internet, have had thoughts of make money online? 

Are you one of the people that has had thoughts of making money online but never knew where to start? Web Hosting $3.95

Have you tried and given up because you were taken advantage of or been scammed out of money you couldn’t afford to lose?

If you answered YES to either… you are really going to want to read this entire post.

I am here to help you and that is one of the most important factors in being succesful with any online business.


What are the “Must Does” of getting started online?

There are some things you will have to do to really make a run at having a successful online business. Whether you are looking to make a little extra cash for vacation or the next new toy or you want to quit your “Day Job”. Everyone has different goals and they usually change along the way, as you begin to see success your goals may scale to a new level. As you see how much is involved and that it takes time and effort you back your goals down a bit. Whatever the case is for you, there are some basics you should be prepared for.

Help you can trust!

There are so many offers, scams and outright lies floating around the web you really need to find some help you can trust. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t be where you are today without having had parents and teachers you could trust, to guide you, to coach and encourage you and to have an interest in your success. The help you need does not have to cost you a dime. I think that is someone has a great deal to offer you, they should, at a minimum, be able to allow a test drive.

I highly discourage getting invovled with any offer that asks you to pay up front before letting you in the door. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive or even a new smart phone without having held it in your hands. That is why I only suggest FREE offers for online programs. Sure all of them will have offers to upgrade, after all it is a business but you will get to inspect the product first hand and make an eductated decision. In addition I only recommend programs I have tried myself and there is a long list of programs and offers I will tell you to steer clear of.

Build a Website!

Yes I know, there are people and offers that will tell you it is not neccessary to have a website. That may be true for a very miniscule percentage of the successful online businesses in the world but think about, even the “non web based businesses” have web sites. Can you think of a place you do business that doesn’t? I’m sure there are a few dinosaurs still out there but not many. My childrens’ schools have websites, my neighborhood grocery has a website, the pizza place I order from… the list goes on. You can get started with a totally FREE website. All you have to do is Google it and you will find several offers.

A Niche you are passion about!

Every online business can be categorized into a particular niche. What’s that? How do I find one? These are questions many people have and also question the “help you can trust” will be usuful in answering.

Merriam-Webster: Niche –  a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.

Here is my advice on figuring this part out. What are you passionate about? What do you feel you can help people with? You may be getting started online in one particular niche and then find several others that you are interested in exploring.

Content, Content, Content…

In order for you to benefit form a website you have to build “Quality Content” and that takes time. You can’t fake it like you once could in the online business world. You can’t post junk with a catchy title and get found online. You cannot “copy and paste” content and be succesful. Duplicate content will actually work against you. If you ever use someone elses work give them full credit and add opinions, thoughts and commentary.

Never, ever, take credit for someone else’s work, it will absolutely kill your business. The importance of quality content can not be over stated. This is the reason I spoke about passion and helping people earlier. You will not be able to keep up with the “content” demands for a successful online business without that passion. Helping others will naturally stir passion in your soul so that is a great approach.

Finally -Monetize

There are many ways to monetize your website, you see it everywhere you go on the internet. You can sell someone elses products through affiliate marketing. You can place ads on your website to direct readers to someone else site to purchase and get a “Kick Back” so to speak. You can develop and sell your own products in your online business. Better yet, you can do all these things at the same time.

Where can you get all these things in one place? You know about bundled offers, right? Below I list my top two recommendations and why I like them.

#1“Wealthy Affilite”

Wealthy Affiliate offers all the things I talked about in this article, with tons of training through video tutorials, live chat, tech support and step by step instruction. What I like best about Wealthy Affiliate is it’s like a social network for internet business entrepreneurs. Have you ever felt out of place trying to talk to your freinds about your online endeavors? Are you sometime leary of posting things to your social media pages?

At Wealthy Affiliate everyone is interested in the same thing, you can make thousands of new friends who are all on a similar path. This is by far and away the best training I’ve have come across in all my time trying to make a start and the best part is you can try it all out for 7 days absolutely FREE. If you can decide in 7 days, which is understandable, you can stay as long as you wish and use the platform with limited access. If you need a bit more time you can get FULL ACCESS for a month for less than $20 and you can cancel at any time.

#2 The ShoeMoney Network – Jeremy Schoemaker founder and owner of the ShoeMoney Network actually pays you to go through his training courses. No joke! It’s better than FREE because he pays you. Jeremy provides a wealth of training through this program and he is one of the top internet marketers in the world.shoemoney

This is Jeremy with Mark Zuckerberg. You know him don’t you? Jeremy has given talks around the world on internet marketing and is a very wealthy guy. He is willing to pay you to go through training because he want to prove to you that you can make money getting started online. In his training you will. You’ll get paid in the first five minutes!

Please leave your comments and/or questions below and take a little time to look around. Try these offers if you like but either way I sincerely thank you for visiting and wish you well in whatever your future holds.


  1. Jovo

    Hi, this is really surprising what I read here: the ShoeMoney Network pays you to take courses. This sounds incredible and I am really going to see this more closely. But you say you get paid in the first 5 minutes, not sure what you mean but I am going to find out. Thank you.

    1. Steve Olan (Post author)


      I was pretty surprised myself but the first night I signed up he made several deposits directly to my Paypal account. Thanks for the comment here and I wish you all the luck in the world on your future endeavors.

  2. Alex

    Thanks for sharing this post with the rest of us, especially those who want to start blogging or trying to earn some passive income online.

    Your post has just given a very good overview and I simply like how you outlined the entire thing. It is pleasant to read.

    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate and ShoeMoney Network are the two main learning “material” that I should pay attention too. I am amazed ShoeMoney Network pays you to take courses!? Is that true?

    I can see that I can even host my website on Wealthy Affiliate. It looks like they offer all-in-one packages within their program. I am so gonna try it out!


    1. Steve Olan (Post author)


      I am very glad to hear from you, it’s the first thing I saw to start my day and it has made my day. The mau=in reason I write and blog is because deep down I just want to help other people. Sure I hope to make a little extra money but the reason behind wanting that is to help my family and the people around me. I really got excited about the whole idea of my online business after enrolling in the ShoeMoney Network and that is really why I ended up here at WA. I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time at ShoeMoney Network since I signed up here at WA. They have some great traing but it doesn’t have the level of interaction or community you find at WA.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading and I hope you come back.


  3. David

    Very good step-by-step guide to learn the basics of making money online. I agree with you: building an online business requires time and good work, it will not happen overnight like most scammers out there say… I think I will take a look at the ShoeMoney network: being paid for learning seems pretty amazing!

    1. Steve Olan (Post author)

      Thanks for reading David. I appreciate the comment and hope I was able to help you in some small way. Afterall, that’s really what it’s all about. Good Luck!

      Steve Olan


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