Create a Successful Blog with Wordpress

Create a Blog with WordPress


Do you want to “Create a Blog with WordPress”?


First of all if you are going to create a blog, WordPress is definitely the way go. WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the planet with almost 50% of the top 100 blogs being powered by WordPress. In addition it is preferred by a large percentage of big business.

Oh sorry… What is CMS? you ask! – Content Management System and I promise I won’t bring it up again.

WordPress was launched about 12 years ago and has risen to superstar status in a very short period of time. I am sure that you are here blog boxbecause you know about or have heard about WordPress for Blogs. Maybe you have already decided to Create a Blog with WordPress or maybe you are just curious.

Either way, let’s try to have a little fun and learn a bit along the way. If you are at all tech savy you will not have any issues learning WordPress features and functionality. If you are not so tech savy, not to worry, WordPress for Blogs is straight forward, easy to use but powerful at the same time.


Have you decided to create a website with WordPress

but don’t really know what you want the site or blog to be about? I know in the beginning I had a lot of questions and having someone to turn to was a real life saver. I see new bloggers daily that have a list of questions as long as their arm.

I’ve got some good news… I’m Stephen and I am here if you need help… just ask here!

We’ll get to the idea of what to create your blog about and discuss some popular topics used to create a website with WordPress but first let start at the very beginning.

What is a Blog? The simplest way to put it is a blog is a website that is updated on a regular and consistent schedule.

Years ago when all this interent stuff was fairly new websites were basically like encyclopedia online for everyone to access or just a place to store and share information. When blogs came along they were akin to an online journal and were much more personal then a website of “data”.

Like everyhting else the internet and blogs in particular have evovled quite a bit since the early days.

The word “blog” is also used as a verb – to blog, he blogged – which describes the act of posting or publishing the regularly updated information or content referred to previously.


You may have come across the question of vs. WordPress.orgWordPress logos


In a nutshell is a place where you can not only build a website using WordPress but they will also host your site and maintain everything in good working order, protect against spam, etc. This is similar to many of the other hosting platforms avavilable on the web, many of which also allow an easy install of WordPress for you to create a blog. is a place where you can go and get the WordPress software, download it and install it on your website server. For many services this is easily done with a few clicks but there is a process for a manual install through FTP if you were in a situation where this is required. The latter is not very likely but if you need help with that, again you can contact me here.


OK Let’s Get Down to it!


Find a web hosting service that has availability to create a blog with WordPress. Such as, BlueHost, Go Daddy, GreenGeeksto be honest this list goes on and on, there are almost too many to choose from, especially if you are a person that feels the need to check things out closely before making a decision. You could be at this for a week just trying to research them all.  I can help!

Register a domain name for your blog or website. Most, if not all of these hosting services now offer domain registration services as part of a packaged deal, which is really the simplest way to go. The downside to some is that once you get going it is sometimes hard to find HELP when you need it. I can help!

Log In to WordPress and choose a theme to create a website with WordPress. Once you have a hosting and a domain name and WordPress installed on your site you will be able to log-in to your “Dashboard” to begin the process of building your blog with WordPress. Many of the services will have a way to log-in through the site but WordPress will actually manage “users” for you once installed. You would simply enter your URL to the blog site plus “/wp-admin” and the log-in screen comes up.


Choosing a theme can be difficult and if you are like most people you will probably try several, decide, get going and then change again. Most people will choose a theme based solely on the visual appeal, the look they like, which is fine, but as you learn and blog develops you will learn that functionality means as much as visual or graphic design.

See my article on design here!

If you have gotten to this point the next step is to begin creating content in your CMS (WordPress) and then publish it. Have you taken action on any of the steps listed above? Did you come in with some of this already under your belt? Maybe you are still not even sure what to “Blog” about. I can help!

For those of you that feel ready to move on to more detailed information about how to create a blog with WordPress follow this link to WordPress Made Easy!

For those still unsure what to blog about or how to move forward, stick with me, because, as mentioned, I can help! lol

WordPress powers many of the worlds greatest blogs, and by default is set up to create a blog roll on your front page or home page. Blog roll simply refers to a list of your posts in order with the most recent always on top. What interests you? what do you want to share with the universe?

WordPress powers thousands of the best lifestyle blogs out there. You could create a food blog WordPress or a health blog with WordPress. Heck you could create a Lifestyle, health, food blog WordPress. The possibilities are truly endless and it can be really fun and exciting to explore this side of your creativity.

How would you like to create a blog with WordPress and start the whole process I described above, right here? It is FREE! I won’t even ask for your credit card number! I told you I can help and I meant it. Just eneter your name and email to start your FREE account and I’ll be there as your personal mentor every step of the way.

Your hosting is taken care of!

Your domain is taken care of!

Just give it name and click!



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Go Ahead! Pick a Name and CLICK!


OBTT – Your Trusted Source on the Web!

Please comment or ask questions below and don’t forget to Opt In!


  1. Oliviaq

    Hello Stephen,

    It is amazing the way Word Press has innovated the way websites work and it has simplified the life of a blogger. Before Word Press, it was difficult to find a very complete and powerful engine to manage the blog … it was very challenging to keep up with the young and ever-changing internet platform even if we were experts in computer systems

    Word Press came to make the life of bloggers easier with its powerful yet simplistic functions. Nowadays, anyone can create and run the business of blogging because one no longer needs to worry about the management of whatever we write,

    Today, we just need to pick a domain and a niche in whatever field we want to run the blog, or we are knowledgeable about, or even easier, we can use our passion not only to talk, sale or help others but even monetize it by promoting affiliate marketings like Wealthy Affiliate or other legitimate and effective systems.

    I am very glad that you are helping a lot of people to understand that there is no longer a reason to be afraid of creating a blog -because Word press will handle all the technicalities while the blogger focuses on creating amazing content to publish online for the followers.

    1. Stephen (Post author)

      Thanks Olivia,

      I always appreciate your words of wisdom. The post is intended to ease some of the aprehension and doubt that people usually have when considering trying something new. Being a blogger is very rewarding and fullfilling for an author and I know there are people out there that have considered it and then reconsidered it. Not to mention, we all know about dream snatchers in our lives they, with the best intentions, talk us out of things we really want to do.

      I hope that this article will reach someone who is on the fence and give them the confidence to “Go For It”.


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