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Bad Advice is Like Poison – You Don’t Know it’s Killing You Until it’s Too Late

Bad advice is like Poison

Need Advice? Be careful because bad advice is like poison and it’s everywhere you turn. The thing is, you usually don’t know it’s killing you, until it is too late.

If you here, it is probably because your in the business of internet or affiliate marketing or at least considering it. Let me assure you, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Along with divorcing my first wife and marrying my second wife. The truth is my divorce was not even my choice, so I guess I owe her some thanks.

Bad Advice – Who wants it?

People aren’t out seeking bad advice but there is plenty to go around. I work in a business where there are newcomers joining the ranks daily, by the thousands. I create my success by helping other people with theirs and I am happy to do it. However, I see bad advice given on a daily basis and it kind of drives me crazy.

For example: A newcomer will ask, “How long should my post be”? Someone else will answer, “It has to be at least…” whatever their number is, say 1500 words, that’s popular. Newcomers take that as a hard, fast rule.

If you are writing something that it takes 750 words to say, don’t cram in double that, with a bunch of fluff and garbage, to meet the rule.

Get an education that pays for itselfFollow some simple guidelines when considering any advice.


Consider the source – If you are asking advice on your business you should find out exactly how successful the person is offering the advice. Do not make decisions on advice simply because the person seems to know more than you. If you started today, the guy that started last week probably knows more. Is that advice you should take? Maybe, maybe not! Seek advice from someone that has success at what you are trying to do.

I’m not saying people are trying to sabotage you with bad advice, just be careful.

Find a second or third opinion – If you are considering some advice you have been offered, ask another’s opinion. Before you go making changes or implementing advice talk it through, find someone else you can get feedback from on the idea.

I know a guy that got some bad advice on changing domains and doing redirects from and established site, After completing all this he was advised that he should probably not have done it. The thing is, all those people were available to talk to before making the changes.

That segues nicely to this next tip.

Always save your work – If you are considering some advice that you feel is good for your strategy, save your work before making changes. If you are working on a website make a backup copy of where you are before you make the changes. As mentioned, you don’t know it’s killing you until it’s too late. Be precautious, bad advice is like poison.

Test changes on a small scale – If you are planning a change or even implementation of a new idea, test, test, test. Do the test on a small scale first, don’t run out and make massive changes.

I have seen people spend more time changing things for very little results then I care to recall. Some of them change today, ask a second opinion tomorrow and change again. You’ve heard the saying, “run around like a chicken with its head cut off.”

run around like a chicken with its head cut off

(idiomatic) To act in a haphazard or aimless way; to act frantically or without control.
The president doesn’t know what to do. He’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Seek advice based on fact, not opinion – seeking advice is like problem-solving, you act on what’s on the surface, you have to dig down to the root. If a person with good intent is giving you advice, don’t be afraid to question them. Find out why they are giving this advice, you know, in short time, whether it is sound advice or not. Don’t be afraid to dig, it may save your life, bad advice is like poison.

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