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Affiliate Marketing Guide

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Guide – for beginners and pros alike

I created this page as part of my affiliate marketing endeavors but also intend to post content that can actually help readers make educated decisions. This Affiliate Marketing Guide is a result of me seeing things online during research that really bother me.

If you know anything about affiliate marketing it won’t take you long to realize that there are all sorts of things throughout the website that are “affiliate marketing techinques” aimed at earn me an income. I am not trying to hide anything from you and I do not lie and cheatmarketing readers to make a dollar.

Let me start with this, just in case you are totally new to the concept:

Affiliate Marketing is advertising someone else’s product and collect a commission if the referral makes a purchase.

There are thousand of programs out there that you can join and become an affiliate marker with. There are large websites that manage affiliate marketing for other companies, like Clickbank, Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), ShareASale, and LinkShare.

There are other programs that are run by the retailers that offer the products, like Amazon, for example. As a matter of fact, almost everything you can buy online probably has a affiliate program of some type.

The companies that offer tools and services used by affiliate marketers all have affiliate programs for the affiliates use them to also share the products with others and earn from that.

In addition to that there are many affiliate marketing training programs offered by affiliate marketers to tell you how they created a successful business within the industry.

I have reviewed several of these products here on my site and I try to give you an honest opinion, as well as fact, regardless of the amount of commission or any other bias.

I do rank similar product in order of what I believe to be the best overall value to my readers and yes, as mentioned, if they decided to take advantage, it may mean I earn a commission.

One of the things I see all the time is posts and articles that use catchy titles and keyword to try and get ranked by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing but they offer nothing in the way of quality content. You follow a link and all you see is ads that the publisher want you to click so they can make money.

I understand the making money part of the business but it makes me nuts when that’s is the only reason for a post.

I don’t even know this guy and I am not out to bash him but I found this article today and it caught my eye. After reading it I couldn’t help but wonder if there was really any other point beside the ads that dominated the page. That is what drove me to create this post.

What do you think? At first I thought it had to be continued below the ads or that this was only an excerpt and there was a way to click through to the rest of the information.


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


Affiliate marketing for beginners can be overwhelming and often times fear of the unknown prevents beginners from ever really knowing if they could succeed at it.

Many new people to affiliate marketing are often times so motivated to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, that they have difficulty focusing. There are a number of ways to make money via affiliate marketing and there are endless resources to help you get started with internet marketing. The problem sometimes with affiliate marketing for beginners is that there too many choices or resources available.

The good news is many have already traveled the journey you are about to go on. You have the opportunity to learn from the experiences and mistakes of others. There is no sense throwing away time or money in affiliate marketing just because you are a novice. Affiliate marketing can and should be fun and profitable, especially if you get off on the right track.

Source: Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I never found anything other than this short article above, so I felt I should put something out that may actually help someone. If you just have a mild curiousity and want to what affilite marketing is I may have already answered that but if you are looking for more keep reading.

I have posts here listed under the main menu pages that cover several different aspects of affiliate marketing. You are welcome to learn from these post, absolutely free and you can leave any questions you have here. There is also an Opt In option at the bottom of the pagemarketing-min where you can sign up to recieve email.

Collecting email information is another aspect of the affiliate marketing business. If you can stay in touch with an audience that has interest in the subject you are writing about regularly (typically referred to as a niche) it could be beneficial to both parties for you to share offers through future emails.

If you are ready to look further into the business of affiliate market and you are looking for a place to learn and pursue building a business, check out my product reviews. There are several product that other much more then a simple affiliate marketing guide.

Obviously, the recommendation from OBTT -Your Trusted Source on the Web, is my #1 recommendation but there are other products reviewed, as well.

There are also post on how to build a website that cover where to start, what a domain name and registry is, what hosting refers to.

There are many additional post on marketing your business and getting a website ranked, such as the posts on Good Keyword Search and SEO Made Easy.

Please take you time and look around and if there is something you would be interested to learn about specifically let me know in the comment section below. I will take the time research if needed and I will try to share the information in an easy to understand and follow, way.

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