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6 Powerful Insights I got from “Small Blog Big Income” by Carol Tice

Do you need some help with your blog?

If you are new to this blogging game, maybe you could use another set of eyes. I remember way back, when I would finish my report for school, I had to give it to my mom to read it. She would always come back with a list of things for me to change. No matter how many times I had read over it myself. Now, I’ve found the help I needed in “Small Blog Big Income” by Carol Tice.

When you begin writing a blog it can be much the same way as that report for school. Very few of us start out with an editor and some don’t even have a decent editing process of their own. I have seen countless “online business courses” that tell you not to hesitate in hitting the publish key.

Grammar and spelling do matter.

In addition to grammar and spelling, article structure is very important, as well. I have a blogger friend that I bounce ideas off of sometimes. Craig is fond of saying, “An Article is built, not written.” You have to construct a good article.

6 Insights I got from “Small Blog Big Income” by Carol Tice


View your site as your audience.

There are many basics and best practices for bloggers but this point cannot be understated. You will have to be able to ask and answer specific questions that a new reader would have going through their mind the first time they load your page.

  • Does the title tell them what the site is, what to expect?
  • Does the tag line give them more insight into what you have to offer them?
  • Do the title and tag line have a hook that gives them a hint of, “What’s in it for them?”
  • Does the site look profesional, load quickly and function well?

We sometimes put things together based on our end goal and not based on the audience desires. There is not a huge line of people waiting for you to throw together site with a bunch of ads so they will have another place to spend money. They are not coming to your site to be SOLD.


Make it clear that there is a “Take Away” for the reader.

Present your content in such a way that the audience wants to keep reading but at the same time senses there is something in it for them. Don’t show all your cards up front but there has to be something in it for the reader.

One thing to consider is what you see on the sites that don’t deliver. Think of the sites you go to and in a minute or less you hit the back button. Ask yourself why this is, what was missing and then figure out how to not be that site.

One of the common mistakes in putting together a blog is that it comes across as a “me, me ,me” session for the writer. People are interested in you only to the extent that it gets them what they want.

Put some thought into the “take away” for your audience in each piece that you write. Leave them with actionable items they can apply now. Almost like an assignment they can go complete and then come back for what is next.



Color Theory is a real thing.

I was just going along with my website design, expressing my creativity and thinking if I like it that was what mattered. WRONG!

Color Theory: The interaction of colors in a design through complementation, contrast, and vibrancy.

  • Choosing colors on opposite ends of the spectrum creates a visual harmony for the eyes.
  • A high contrast between elements makes text easily readable, and guides your reader’s attention.
  • The brighter the colors, the more mental energy they will consume.

One of my others sites was using brown and beige colors and I thought is was nice. I had even been told by some that it was calming and soothing which really was the idea behind it. However, I learned in “Small Blog Big Income” and form talking to Carol Tice, that there were no successful blogs that use brown color schemes.

The choices I made in color theory were counterproductive to the goal of my website. If you are ever in doubt it is always best to opt for a lighter background color and a dark text.



Narrow Your Focus

What is your “ASK”? What do you want your readers to do?

It is a good idea for that ASK to be singular. You most determine what it is you are trying to accomplish when I visitor arrives. Having a bunch of random links scattered all about the page that lead people away from your site is probably not what you really want.

If you are trying to build an email list, make that your ASK and get rid of all the other junk that makes your site feel a little slimy.

I’m not saying you can’t post links to products you like and recommend. That can absolutely be a way in which you give something to your audience. Design a classy page for product recommendations, write about the products and why you like them, how they helped you.



Make your ASK appealing to the reader.

This has to do with the design element of your ASK and allowing it to be the “main attraction”, so to speak.

The use of contrast and framing as design elements, are two things that can help draw your readers attention to your ASK or offer.

I used to design my Opt In forms to “match” my site design. My Opt In elements were plain and tended to blend in but what I needed was the total opposite. The ASK element should be vibrant and stand out and should include a strong call to action.


new opt in form

This one has a high contrast header, a framed image and a better “stand out” factor.

Opt In Form

Plain form, not bad but simply does not stand out



Monetizing your site is the LAST piece.

It’s easy to get anxious about making money from a blog or website, afterall, that is one of the biggest motivating factors behind people starting a new blog in the first place.

We have all heard the comments and jokes about the “used car salesman”, that terminology has actually become common place for describing someone who gives you a sleazy and uncomfortable feeling. You certainly don’t want your audience to get anywhere near that feeling when they visit our site.

There are lots of things you have to do if you want to build a successful business around a blog. Doing things in the right order and with a sound strategy will save you hours of frustration and probably a good bit of money, too.

In Summary:

  • Focus on your audience and see your work through their eyes
  • Give value to the reader with quality “take aways”
  • Pay attention to design and color scheme fundamentals
  • Maintain a narrowed focus and a singular ASK
  • Design an ASK element with “Stand Out” appeal
  • Remember that monetizing comes after the work is done

As evidenced in this article I really got a huge value from “Small Blog Big Income” that far surpasses what I invested. I am forever grateful for having found and followed Carol Tice and her work.


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